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Roy Davis

Roy Davis

Trainer Talks - featuring CG Trainer Roy Davis

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES , April 1, 2022 / -- We are so excited to kick off our Trainer Talks Blog Series with a very special guest, CG Trainer Roy Davis. A veteran turned trainer who has been with Camp Gladiator since the beginning, Roy has a great perspective to share about working with CG, its challenges, its rewards, and how his past experiences in the army helped mold him into the contributing force at CG that he is today.

Roy, originally from West Palm Beach, Florida served in the army for 22 years. After serving at ten different duty stations, he retired in Texas where he was introduced to a fitness startup – Camp Gladiator. Roy wasn’t looking to work in the fitness industry, but attended an info session about CG which inspired him to join the Austin area team. He has been with CG for nearly 10 years and has helped build CG from the bottom to what it has become today.

He had no prior experience in personal training, but being an officer for 12 years out of his 22 total years in the army helped him in his start as a CG Trainer. “I think my military experience helped me the most in being adaptable and flexible, able to deal with things as they come. In the military, things come at you differently every day, so you never know what to expect,” recounts Roy. This adaptability has undoubtedly come in handy as he’s progressed with and impacted the trainer framework at CG over the years.

As CG grew, Roy pushed himself to continue learning and growing as a person, trainer, and leader. In the near future, Roy is taking an exciting next step on his mission with CG. He plans to relocate to Florida because he sees the brand’s potential for growth back in his home state. “I’m moving to Florida because the state is like an empty canvas that CG hasn’t fully painted yet, so I think that we have a really good opportunity over the next 10 years,” says Roy, who continues to seize every opportunity for growth and learning something new.

Roy describes the culture at CG to be very motivating and culture-rich, both for trainers and Campers. “When you’re training with a group, you will always push yourself harder than you will by yourself,” says Roy about his experiences with his Campers. “Ultimately, it’s both trainers and Campers who create CG, so it’s the endless motivation and drive from both parties that make it such an uplifting community.”

Roy’s piece of advice for those interested in joining Camp Gladiator? “If you’re excited about doing something challenging, something hard, something that’s going to test you, something that’s going to have unlimited opportunity, and you’re passionate about fitness, CG is the place you want to come.”

Roy encapsulates what Camp Gladiator is all about: community, empowerment, stepping out of our comfort zone, and growing. We’re so glad to have Roy in our CG family! Interested in becoming a CG Trainer like Roy? Learn more at If you’re considering becoming a Camper to train with Roy or our other qualified trainers in a location near you, visit

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