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Global EdTech Market: Thematic Analysis — Perspectives from Industry Leaders & VC

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A strategic report identifies new trends and trajectories in the global EdTech market.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2022 / -- The “Global EdTech Market: Thematic Analysis — Perspectives from Industry Leaders & VC” report has been published on This 107-page report is structured around key thematic questions, which are relevant to the future of the education sector.


• The pandemic acted as the most significant driver of EdTech since the rise of personal computing, the introduction of the smartphone, and codec/network optimizations of streaming video.

• EdTech proponents have suggested that an “unbundling,” or alternative re-bundling, of various educational components could be more attractive, economical, and efficient.

• Platforms are a natural contender when it comes to building a business model around education sector unbundling and re-bundling. Although there are many ongoing debates regarding the conflicting interests of stakeholders in platform models, the long-term viability of this approach shouldn’t be underestimated.

• EdTech could potentially include more practical skill sets, such as soft skills, as part of new educational slices or bundles. Despite their importance, some of these topics have historically been left out of the established education curricula.

• Earlier waves of EdTech, especially Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), sometimes failed to achieve the intended adoption rates and resonated most strongly with adult professionals in need of scheduling flexibility. Today, EdTech is becoming less of a patch, and more of a default. Many workplaces are remote, hybrid, and asynchronous. EdTech fits well within this environment as a method of staff training and skills development.

• The accelerated rate of societal change makes continual learning an economic imperative. Broadening education over the course of a lifetime means that it touches upon different life stages and psychological motivators, as well.

• As we assess the state of global EdTech, it’s clear that nothing is static: upgraded infrastructure will increase the potential for outcomes; increased adoption rates will enable more data-driven optimizations; changing societal needs will influence content; and international relations will affect firms’ access to markets.

• Top EdTech leaders interviewed for this Policy2050 report suggested that the post-COVID world of education will be defined by increased digital adoption with more intentional usage, more curiosity and collaboration, new metrics, improved infrastructure planning, reduced barriers to entry for educators, and expanded on-campus connectivity including streamlined transactions.


Companies mentioned in this report include:

• Wonderschool
• MasterClass
• Duolingo
• Udemy
• Unacademy
• Pearson
• Bloom Institute of Technology (formerly Lambda School)

Venture capital firms mentioned in this report include:

• Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)
• Sequoia India (Sequoia Capital)
• Owl Ventures

Experts interviewed for this report include:

• KC Estenson, CEO, GoNoodle
• Dr. R. Kay Green, Founder and CEO, EDesign Consulting
• Troy Wheeler, President, The Ed-Fi Alliance
• Beau Neal, Founder and CEO, SYS Education
• Suren Aloyan, Co-founder and CEO, PopUp EduTech
• Allen Drennan, Co-founder and Principal, Lumicademy
• Terry Kim, Founder and CEO, NexGenT Academy
• Zia Saleem, Co-founder and CEO, Bryt
• Nancy Langer, CEO, Transact Campus


• educational technology vendors and platforms
• investors, especially venture capitalists involved in EdTech
• K-12 education providers
• higher education institutions
• education sector consultants
• corporate training providers or administrators
• departments of education and policymakers
• nonprofits and NGOs seeking to expand educational opportunities through IT

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