Blockchain-Based Real Estate? Seattle-Based Realesto to Change How Real Estate Investments Are Done–for the Better

All of Realesto’s residential real estate investments are vetted by AI software and staged on blockchain technology

Our greater mission is to bring institutional-level wealth generation opportunities to everyone. Grow together as a community, using the latest technology tools.”
— Sehrish and Usman Khan
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2022 / -- According to Redfin, Investors made up 18.2% of all U.S. home purchases in Q3 2021, 16.1% in Q2, and 11.2% in Q3 2020. The investor market is on pace to be at an all-time high– even higher than pre-pandemic numbers.

Even so, real estate investments, with few exceptions, are typically relegated to the wealthy, keeping “normal” people’s hands out of lucrative real estate opportunities that have the potential to drive up one’s annual income significantly.

Realesto founders Usman and Sehrish Khan, both “accidental” investors possessing backgrounds in software engineering, wanted to marry technology with real estate to revolutionize how investments are made.

“When we started exploring our deep interests in the Real Estate industry, there was a common theme we came across every time we had to make a decision on making an investment. Given the problem solvers we are, we asked ourselves how we can make this process simple and profitable for everyone using technology? We believe answers lie in data, blockchain, and partnerships. Realesto is our attempt in doing just that,” commented Usman.

Realesto is a blockchain-based platform that leverages AI technology to vet real estate investment opportunities for long-term viability. The digital platform allows investors to easily invest in residential properties with a bare minimum of just $1000. There are no further costs or fees compared to traditional real estate investments that require sizable down payments, closing costs, service fees, or agent fees.

Although the platform can only accept investments from accredited investors initially, the hope is to open up the platform to the general public one day, with the goal of full democratization.

“Our greater mission is to bring institutional-level wealth generation opportunities to everyone. Grow together as a community, using the latest technology tools,” added both Khans.

The Global Real Estate Tokenization market is predicted to grow considerably over the next decade, with investors favoring greater liquidity, lowered barriers to entry, smart contract governed securities and more.

The first available real estate project for investors is a combination of a duplex and single-family home situated in fast-growing Fort Myers, Florida. According to the World Population Review, Fort Myers is currently growing at a rate of 5.03% annually. Its population has increased by 63.29% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 62,298 in 2010.

The opportunity, priced at a competitive $1,000,000, comes at a significant value in light of the growth projections for this area of Florida. As prices skyrocket in larger metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco, more people flock to Florida communities for great weather, lower cost of living, and lower taxes.

This project requires a minimum investment of $1,000 from accredited investors and is currently available for viewing and participation on Realesto’s website.

Learn more about Realesto, its mission, and upcoming projects here.

About Realesto: Realesto was founded by Usman and Sehrish Khan to marry technology and real estate by building a blockchain-based platform. The platform’s AI-based software vets all real estate investments for quality. Realesto simplifies the investment process and removes specific barriers to entry to make the process seamless without compromising security.

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