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Dr. Curtis G. Graham Sheds Light on Medical Professionals' Financial Hardships

The Wounded Physician Project

The Wounded Physician Project

"The Wounded Physician Project" tackles professional poverty crisis

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2022 / -- Dr. Curtis G. Graham reveals a sobering reality in the world of medical professionals, namely that for the longest time many physicians are in financial dire straits. In "The Wounded Physician Project" he explains why such skilled experts who provide inValUable healthcare services are nonetheless in such precarious situations.

According to Graham's work, for a century physicians continue to be financially handicapped because medical schools lack business education in their curriculum, leaving medical students unprepared for what awaits them in the professional world. So, when doctors pursue their practices, they are poorly equipped to handle the financial and business aspects of their profession. This results in the perpetuation of professional poverty in the medical profession and Graham says that nothing has been done to address the problem.

Dr. Graham's investigation highlights the primary causes of why private medical practices experience financial failure, which not only results in the monetary ruination of physicians but also the disintegration of the private medical practice field and ever-increasing attrition of physicians. This is e\/en more relevant due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has further strained the medical profession.

These problems are faced by physicians in private practices, causing more than 50% of them to experience frustration and disappointment in their careers. The author holds that by addressing the root causes that he cites; the problems can be resolved promptly.

"When I discovered why I lost my meclical practice for financial reasons—my business ignorance—and discovered e\/ery physician has been subjected to the same risk in private practic when I disco\/ered that all USA medical schools refuse to provide a business education for physicians it was necessary to expose this nationwide tragedy to the public and all medical doctors who never were told about the need for a business education and the huge value and advantages it offers to physicians especially in private medical practice. It's a vulnerability of the medical education system that permits orir government to be able to take full control of healthcare and the medical profession itself and is almost there today." Graham says. He warns that should this matter be overlooked, recent changes in the healthcare and medical fields will further hamper professional healthcare pro\/iders' careers and negatively impact the quality of medical care in the nation. “The implementation of some very critical educational elements into the medical school curriculums is the answer to this persistent egregious enigma that is far overdue and mandatory."

About the Author
Curtis G. Graham, M.D. had over 38 years in clinical medical practice. He is also a writer, author, teacher, and expert in business and marketing, specialty OB-GYN, combat veteran, and more. Being raised on a hundred-acre farm with his grandparents in the 1950s, he directly experienced poverty and its consequences. Working through both college and medical school to help pay for his education expanded his experience in the financial necessities required for success in any profession. This culminated in his focus on a persistent financial compromising of all physicians in our nation, the cause, and the resolution of the problem described in detail in his published book that is recognized as unique among all the published literature in our nation.

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