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Best of Show AVTechnology 2021 VisibilityOne

Best of Show 2021

VisibilityOne the Monitoring Platform that Provides IT Support Teams Real-Time Data to Resolve Conferencing Snafus Now Supports Windows 11.

VisibilityOne delivers a single view of video hardware vendors, cloud services, hybrid users, and networks. Not toggling between dashboards and complex tools is a game-changer for IT support.”
— Dave V. - IT Leader at US Foods
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 12, 2022 / -- Since its launch, VisibilityOne, the world’s first vendor-agnostic, cloud-based monitoring solution, has been at the forefront of video conferencing support. Now, the innovative brand is excited to confirm the platform is Windows 11 ready, guaranteeing that all existing users can continue to utilize the software with confidence while ensuring even more businesses can benefit from the powerful system.

In this fast-paced hybrid world, technology is transforming how businesses operate. Video collaboration and conferencing systems are the backbone of any successful organization; however, issues and downtime can be incredibly costly. VisibilityOne is the powerful cross-vendor platform designed for the monitoring, managing, and self-healing of end-to-end video collaboration.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, the platform is able to work in real-time, combining the time-consuming detection, reporting, and alerting process into one quick and simple step. Not only that but the patented self-healing and device fail-over features help customers to avoid up to 80% of the most common causes of downtime. This ensures that no matter whether using MS Teams, Zoom, Cisco, Poly, or any other popular platform, users will be able to connect with colleagues with ease.

With the average time to respond to trouble tickets taking 24 hours, this self-healing ability not only helps to reduce downtime and wastage, but it also eliminates the need for costly visits from IT technicians.

VisibilityOne is able to connect to every device in a conferencing room, operating across an array of cross-vendor products, including USB, AV, and IoT. To keep up with the demands of the ever-changing hybrid world, the system can also be used to monitor laptops and connected devices such as USB hardware, application, participant, and path diagnostics.

This makes it a truly unprecedented solution, and since 2018 the Los Angeles-based organization has helped to transform how businesses and IT teams operate. With such comprehensive insight over the entire audio and video conferencing software, it significantly reduces the need for technician support, giving users the confidence and competence to resolve issues before they impact operations.

Since its launch in 2018, VisibilityOne has continued to upgrade and enhance its offering and is now pleased to confirm that it is completely Windows 11 ready. Launched in October 2021, the all-new Windows software was designed to maximize efficiency and productivity through a host of features, including more cohesive interface features and improved multi-monitor support.

Since its release last year, the experienced VisibilityOne team has been working to ensure that its popular system, including the Update Center Management Portal, is able to support the latest Windows Operating System.

The upgrade has been designed to give users complete peace of mind that the new devices being deployed in their business will be able to continue to benefit from the same rich monitoring data that they have always depended on. It will also ensure that there are no limits on monitoring your Windows devices, ensuring you can manage more devices, rooms, and hybrid users than ever before.

This latest upgrade comes hot on the heels of the innovative new Document Center, which was unveiled in 2021. This unique new addition was designed to help users keep their UC and AV rooms better organized. Every new account that signs up to the VisibilityOne will be able to benefit from 5GB of free Document Center storage, enabling users to add all of their design documents, images, and more.

Eager to ensure that customers can continue to enjoy the very best software possible, VisibilityOne is planning to continue to expand its support of all MAC Operating Systems. It will also be aiming to go beyond data collection by launching the highly anticipated VisibilityOne Zoom Room Plugin for MAC. This powerful update will deliver the same advanced features that the Windows Plugin provides such as fail-over, self-healing, path detection, and more. All of this, combined with the continued advancement of its Microsoft Teams and Zoom monitoring, ensures that 2022 is set to be a fantastic year for the young and forward-thinking brand.

It is this continued drive to better its offering that has seen VisibilityOne become of the most popular and powerful solutions on the market. Despite its relative infancy, the patented monitoring system has also won multiple awards, including the Best of Show in AVTechnology at InfoComm 2021, Corporation Winner of the 2021 Remote Work Pioneer Award, and Excellence in Product Innovation at the 2019 National Systems Contractors Association awards.

Speaking on the launch of the new Windows 11 compatibility, Jose De La Paz, CEO at VisibilityOne added, “Video conferencing is a vital part of any modern business, but we know how costly it can be when things go wrong. That is why we developed our unique system to help businesses and organizations enjoy the smoothest experience possible.

Our real-time self-healing features minimize the downtime that businesses experience, allowing IT teams to resolve any areas of concern quickly and confidently before they become an issue. This new compatibility with the powerful Windows 11 Operating System ensures that our customers can continue to enjoy uninterrupted support and coverage, allowing them to expand and grow their business.”

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