Kay L. Moody Releases “Flame & Crystal Thorns,” the First Book in Her Fae and Crystal Thorns Series

Author Kay L. Moody

Flame & Crystal Thorn

The young adult fantasy novel follows clever protagonist Chloe as she questions everything she values in fighting what she hates most

‘Flame & Crystal Thorns’ is a powerful exploration of the self and the blurry boundaries between self-care and empowerment and selfishness.”
— Kay L. Moody
SOUTH JORDAN , UTAH, UNITED STATES , March 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Young adult fantasy author Kay L. Moody has released the first novel in her new five-part fantasy series Fae and Crystal Thorns, “Flame & Crystal Thorns.”

“Flame & Crystal Thorns” chronicles the adventures of protagonist Chloe, a human girl faced with a daunting dilemma. As someone who despises the world of Faerie and has pledged to stay far away from it, she is dismayed when she finds out an angry mob of mortals is holding a castle full of fae hostage using iron. Chloe’s dismay turns to anger and causes her to question all she holds true when a visitor—a fae warrior from her past--shows up. Chloe learns from him that one of the hostages is her older sister and that she is the only one who can save her sister and the other hostages due to her special resistance to iron.

Upon this discovery, Chloe has a difficult decision to make—stay in the mortal world or travel to Faerie to save her sister and the other hostages. While she is pulled to stay in the mortal realm to help her townspeople fight a fast-spreading disease, she begins to realize she continually sacrifices herself to help others. Motivated by this same sense of sacrifice, she decides to travel to Faerie. But once there, she begins to learn that putting herself first actually energizes her and enables her to care for others better, too. With this realization, she faces the ultimate dilemma: Does she ignore someone in need, even if she only has the slightest chance to help? Or does she take care of herself first so that she can save everyone else later?

Similar to Moody’s previous books, including “Court of Bitter Thorn” and “The Elements of the Crown,” “Flame & Crystal Thorns” features a clever young female protagonist and supporting characters that must overcome their deepest internal struggles to preserve. As Chloe makes difficult decisions in protecting everything she holds dear, she must navigate magical settings and bloodthirsty mortals, all while questioning the meaning of love and the mortal romantic relationships she craves.

“‘Flame & Crystal Thorns’ is a powerful exploration of the self and the blurry boundaries between self-care and empowerment and selfishness,” said Moody. “When Chloe is faced with a difficult decision, she questions whether it’s right to continue to lose a piece of herself in helping others or choose to protect what’s in her best interest—dilemmas so many young adults are faced with in this world full of competing priorities.”

“Flame & Crystal Thorns” is published by Marten Press and is available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover formats. The hardcover edition includes exclusive artwork under the dust jacket featuring an illustration of the two main characters.

To learn more about "Flame & Crystal Thorns" and to purchase a copy, visit https://bit.ly/36Fvw2y.

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Kay L. Moody is the YA fantasy author of COURT OF BITTER THORN and THE ELEMENTS OF THE CROWN. Her books feature rich world building, slow burn romance, mythical creatures, and twisty plots. As a lover of strong female characters, books, and the color pink, she enjoys diving into magical worlds where characters can overcome even their darkest struggles. She lives in the western United States with her husband and four sons. Visit https://kaylmoody.com/.

Kay L. Moody
Kay L. Moody