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Expert Eric Bitz Provides Advice For Keeping Collector’s Cards in Mint Condition

Pokémon cards are selling for record prices says card collector Eric Bitz

Pokémon cards are selling for record prices says card collector Eric Bitz

Expert Eric Bitz Provided Advice For Keeping Collector’s Cards in Mint Condition

At the end of the day, supply and demand are the two most important factors with collector’s cards”
— Eric Bitz
PITTSBURGH,, PA, USA, April 5, 2022 / -- Collecting cards? Eric Bitz provides advice for keeping them in great shape.

Collector’s cards are selling for record-breaking prices right now. Even Wall Street investors are starting to get in on the action, and some cards are fetching millions of dollars or more. That's why trading card expert Eric Bitz is going to provide advice for keeping one's cards in mint condition.

“One should keep all of their cards in great condition. Even if the cards aren’t particularly valuable right now, it’s still best to store them properly,” Eric Bitz notes. “With general cards, one might use binders and sleeves; however, one needs to take further steps to protect them with rare cards.”

Sleeves can protect cards from moisture and scratching and may reduce the risk of bending. Inside a binder, cards are typically quite safe. For one's general collection, sleeves and binders, properly used, may be enough.

That said, if one has a very valuable card, perhaps a rare Lebron James card or an antique card, one will want to increase protection. Sleeves reduce but don’t eliminate the risk of bending. A high-quality hard card case, on the other hand, all but eliminates the risk of bending.

“If a card ends up bent, it loses value. Sadly, I see bent cards all the time,” Eric Bitz notes. “One should closely examine the value of their card collection, and any rare or especially valuable cards should go in a hard card case or something similar. Sleeves may not be enough.”

Nowadays, one can buy hard card cases that protect valuable cards from getting bent and cases that protect from moisture and dust. Some card cases even offer UV protection. Magnetic cases are especially smart as a high-quality one helps ensure a tight seal (when used properly). One can also buy carrying cases for encased cards, making travel easier.

“Once one's cards are properly encased, one wants to leave them in the case. " Eric Bitz suggests, ignore the temptation to take them out and handle them naked,” Eric Bitz suggests. “The oils on their fingers can damage the cards.”

Eric Bitz Talks Environmental Factors

Often, cards are damaged by mishandling. If one is flipping through their sleeve binders too quickly, cards could end up bent. Likewise, handling cards directly can fray the edges or leave oils. However, direct mishandling isn’t the only risk.

“Cards are pretty sensitive, especially if one wants to keep them in mint condition,” Eric Bitz points out. “One needs to consider environmental factors, like moisture, dust, and sunlight.”

One may want to store cards in a cool, dry place. Storing cards in a humid basement or attic is a bad idea. Many professional collectors set up environment-controlled rooms to reduce the risk of moisture damage. High-quality cases will protect cards from moisture, but you want to take steps to control the climate even then.

Also, don’t forget the sunlight. One never wants to leave cards in the sun, or else the light can cause them to fade. It’s best to keep cards indoors, and one may want to consider specialized hobby lamps and lighting while perusing their collection.

Pokémon cards are selling for record prices. Card collector Eric Bitz explains why.

Back in February, a 1998 holographic Illustrator Pikachu Pokémon fetched $900,000. In March, a rare Charizard card brought in $336,000. These are no small sums, especially given that packs of Pokémon cards originally cost only a few bucks. Wondering why Pokémon cards are fetching so much? Collecting card expert Eric Bitz, the founder of, explains why.

“At the end of the day, supply and demand are the two most important factors with collector’s cards,” Eric Bitz explains. “With collector’s items, rarity, or low supply, is perhaps the most important factor. If a card is rare, values go up, whether it’s for professional sports or Pokémon.”

Demand is substantial, too, Eric Bitz notes. Pokémon is among the most popular franchises in the world. Consider that over 380 million Pokémon video games have been sold over the last few decades. Pokémon: Detective Pickachu, starring Ryan Reynolds, brought in over $400 million at the box office. And each year, the mobile game Pokémon Go brings in hundreds of millions in revenue.

What’s the takeaway? Pokémon is very popular, which increases demand for related toys and products. And with collectibles, high demand in combination with rarity can send prices through the roof.

“If one looks at sports trading cards, the economics is similar,” Eric Bitz says, “the most popular athletes in most sports tend to fetch the most money. A rare Lebron James card is typically worth more than a rare card for a bench warmer.”

Head to Wikipedia and take a scroll through the list of the highest-selling collector’s cards, and one may see names like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Micky Mantle, Luka Dončić, Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky, and the like. Check out the most valuable Pokémon cards, and mainstays like Pickachu, Blastoise, and Charizard are also among the most valuable.

Eric Bitz Discusses Why Collector’s Cards Can Make Great Investments

If one gets their hands on the right collector’s cards today, their value may increase greatly in the years ahead. A card purchased for a few dollars today could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in the future. However, finding rare cards in collector’s packs and the like requires a bit of luck.

Likewise, one might buy a rare card today for $1,000, perhaps featuring their favorite Pokémon or football player. It could be worth $10,000 or $100,000 or more in, say, ten years. Why? Let’s see what Eric Bitz has to say:

“Money typically loses value over time due to inflation, so today's dollar buys less than a dollar did a hundred years ago,” Eric Bitz points out. “However, rare items with a fixed supply, like collector’s cards, often gain value. There are only so many 1965 Mustang’s and only so many rare collector’s Pokémon cards.”

When a Pokémon card sells for thousands of dollars, it’s often because the purchaser believes that the card will be worth more in the future. And if the card does gain value, it could make for a great investment.

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