Meet Willie J’s: The Easy PJs Empowering Senior Men to Find Their Independence

Willie J's: The Easy PJs

For aging adults or those struggling with manual dexterity, the easy pajamas make dressing and undressing easier, building confidence and independence

Willie J's: The Easy PJs is empowering senior men everywhere to become the superheroes of their own stories.”
— Lisa Harris
DULUTH, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2022 / -- For aging adults or those who struggle with manual dexterity, the simple act of dressing and undressing can be a frustrating experience. When closing buttons, zippers and clasps become a challenge, and people have to rely on friends, family or caregivers to help, they can lose confidence and their sense of independence. But one company is looking to give people back their independence and empower them with its stylish and easy-to-open-and-close pajamas.

Willie J’s: The Easy PJs is the easy pajama that blends golden age Hollywood style with features that make them easy to put on and take off. The result is stylish sleepwear that packs a boost of confidence for those wearing them. Founder and designer Lisa Harris wanted to create a pajama inspired by the elegance exuded by Old Hollywood's leading men, so she designed the sleepwear with styles that even stars like Cary Grant would have wanted to wear.

And more than just a stylish sleepwear option for men, Willie J’s: The Easy PJs blends fashion with adaptive construction to benefit the elderly and others who may face challenges with traditional clothing closures. The adaptive men’s pajamas include features such as spill-concealing patterns, an 8-inch fly with magnetic snaps, drawstring waistbands, three pockets for storing necessities, Velcro closure on the button-style top and large armholes to benefit those with limited mobility.

The idea for the stylish and adaptive clothing came to Harris after watching her stepfather struggle with dressing himself. Traditional buttons, zippers, and snaps on pajamas were challenging for him, making him rely on others to help him dress and undress. Harris knew this dependence on others was frustrating for him. Motivated by her stepfather's experiences, Harris wanted to create easy-wear pajamas that would help others like her stepfather regain their dignity.

The line of pajamas is a game-changer for those like Harris’ stepfather who rely on professional caretakers or family members to assist them with everyday tasks like dressing. Because they are easy to put on, Willie J’s: The Easy PJs gives those who value their independence and dignity a way to maintain them for as long as possible with easy sleepwear that also never sacrifices style in the name of ease.

"Willie J's: The Easy PJs is empowering senior men everywhere to become the superheroes of their own stories," said Harris. "Much like Clark Kent rips open his shirt to reveal the superhero underneath, our easy pajamas allow those who wear them the same sense of confidence by allowing them to rip open their pajamas, no assistance needed. For family members taking care of their aging male loved one, you can now give your superhero a fitting gift for birthdays and holidays, complete with a superhero t-shirt emblazoned with their age that we offer through the store. We’re proud to be the pajama brand for the self-dresser who craves independence and stylish clothing they’ll love to wear.”

Harris’ brand has been gaining traction with families who want to gift their aging male loved one with a useful everyday product that builds independence. She is also partnering with wholesale senior living facilities, hospital gift shops and online stores to bring the gift of independence and confidence to seniors across the US.

Willie J’s: The Easy PJs also offers special pricing to organizations and non-profits to offer their members, and those interested can reach out for more information using the company’s online contact information.

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