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As the effects of climate on the environment become more obvious and impossible to ignore from the coast of California to the streets of New Orleans.

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The Growing Concerns Of The Environment

As recently as even the turn of the century, there was still a lot of debate in public circles about whether the concern for the environment and terms like “global warming” or “climate change” were just scare tactics used to try to curb the activities of businesses. However, science and facts cannot be ignored, at least not forever, and the very real effects of climate change are now being seen in everyday life. All over the country, Americans now experience stronger storms, more flooding, more forest fires, and hotter temperatures that can endanger the lives of the elderly if they are not properly attended to.

This has resulted in many Americans finally acknowledging that climate change is not a theory, but it is also actually happening now. The far-flung thought that this would be a problem for future generations to face has now arrived at America in the 20s as that future generation, and today’s grandchildren will be the ones to inherit the problems created by the excesses of the previous generations.

Because this is now an issue that today's youth will have to deal with as they mature, it is no surprise that some of the more aware and civic-minded youth in the global population has taken an active interest in global affairs. Climate change affects everyone everywhere, not just in America. Someone has risen from one of the other nations around the world and become a rallying point for the world’s youth to declare that there is a problem. They want to be a part of finding a solution and implementing it so that when they grow up, their children will have a decent world to live in as well.

Greta Thunberg Is A Voice For A Generation

Born in 2003, Greta Thunberg is just 19 years old today and comes from the country of Sweden. She grew up in a safe environment, with access to a quality first-world education, and quickly came to grips with the reality that today’s youth were facing a climate change crisis that their parents and grandparents had created. In 2018, when she was only 15, she heard about the work of American students in Florida going on a “school strike” and refusing to attend school after experiencing a school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

She was inspired by this; only her concern was the larger climate change crisis that affected the whole world, not just Sweden. She staged her own school strike, in addition to writing surprisingly articulate essays explaining her position that children feel safe growing up, but with climate change, no child is safe. Other activists quickly picked up her school strike and shared it worldwide, quickly going viral. This allowed her to travel to other protests around Europe, where her name and her cause promptly gained momentum as a teenager angry about the mess that the adults had created that they would now be expected to either fix or live with.

Since then, Great Thunberg’s fame has continued to grow. She is now considered one of the premier voices for teenagers around the world and has become a crucial youth icon for the advocacy on addressing climate change. She makes major appearances at climate change-related events. She has made history by giving an angry and incendiary speech to the United Nations during its climate change summit in 2019, where she told the assembled UN, “You are failing us.”

Greta Thunberg has become a crucial voice for an entire generation that now feels like they have been ignored by older, uncaring, selfish generations that have abandoned the future to problems they won’t live to have to fix. She has the charisma, the physical and digital media presence, and perhaps most importantly, blunt, uncompromised anger at being a teenager forced to change the world because the adults don’t want to.

Combined with the increasing awareness and concern for environmental causes, this has created a new opportunity for charities and other organizations looking for donations to advocate addressing climate change.

A New Age In Climate Change Advocacy

Climate change and the concern for it are nothing new. It was first broached upon by more fringe communities during the 1960s and 1970s, but by the 1980s, it had entered mainstream awareness was being actively taught to children growing up. Today, climate change and its potential negative consequences are well understood by a vast majority of the population. They are now acknowledged as a real phenomenon with real-world results that are plain for all to see.

However, with the rise of young voices like Greta Thunberg, there is now more urgency and a greater willingness to take action. This willingness has gathered around Greta Thunberg, inciting both adults impressed with her passion and young people around the world galvanized by seeing someone their own age try to take action and not simply accept the rulings of adults. This growing interest from all ages and walks of life has created a new mindset where people want to make a difference and contribute meaningfully.

The Followers Of Greta Thunberg Will Support Her Cause

Fighting climate change and keeping the Earth in a more stable temperature range is a massive global effort, and it has many facets. On the one hand, there are concerns such as switching over to green and renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal. On the other hand, there are active reduction measures, like using more recyclable materials and less single-use plastic. There are also efforts to curb fishing or not pollute oceans with waste; there are even initiatives to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, like oil, or reduce the amount of air pollution produced by factories.

There are so many different aspects and causes to fight for in the climate change space that many donation avenues exist. Some people will be more concerned about fighting air pollution, while others will focus on protecting oceans. Still, others will be thinking about the ways that garbage disposal and sanitation affect the environment, while others will put a priority on the purity of water and how it can remain potable and thus safe to drink.

For charities, it is important to make sure that the right causes are aligned with the right potential donors. Someone only interested in donating to churches, for example, may not have an interest in contributing to environmental causes. Still, people interested in Greta Thunberg and her climate change advocacy will be more receptive to the right kind of targeted marketing for donations to environmental charity causes. It’s just a matter of knowing where they are and taking the right approach.

Finding The Donors

Donors for environmental causes and followers of Greta Thunberg come from all walks of life and are widely distributed around America in terms of physical location, interests, and characteristics. It’s important for the best chance at a positive response to donations to make the targeting as precise as possible for the highest level of interest and engagement.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing offers databases with complete geographic details. This means that charities and other organizations can take their drive or campaign nationally, hitting as many people as possible or narrowing it down. Particular regions of the USA can be targeted, for example, only those living in the deep south, who would be affected by flooding. Individual states can be targeted, such as only California, specific cities, or neighborhoods within cities, such as choosing only residents of Manhattan in New York City.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can also provide Greta follower and environmental causes lists based on demographic categories. If it’s preferred to approach only a certain age group, such as those under 30, or a certain ethnicity, such as a special campaign for Asian concerns, or even a specific level of affluence, such as approaching only high net worth individuals, these specific characteristics can be accessed, depending on the type of need and focus that a charity organization has.

The contact details provided can be in various formats depending on the requirements. Mailing addresses are available, as well as email addresses for digital marketing efforts. Telephone numbers can also be provided for those that prefer the telemarketing approach. Even cellular phone numbers are available for those that want to try a text/SMS-based marketing campaign.

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If you’re interested in contacting Greta Thunberg followers and environmental donors across the country, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. When you work with us, you support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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