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Austria Sends Crisis Team to the Republic of Moldova

AUSTRIA, March 12 - Due to the ongoing Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and its resulting humanitarian impact on Ukraine’s immediate neighbours, the Austrian government is sending a crisis team to the Republic of Moldova, which has been particularly affected. The Austrian crisis team consists of five experts from the Foreign Ministry, members of the tactical police unit Cobra and the Austrian Armed Forces' Special Operations group Jagdkommando. The crisis team , is expected to reach Chişinău Wednesday, 16 March 2022.

The main task of the Foreign-Ministry-led team is to support the Austrian embassy – which has already been reinforced with additional personnel since the start of the war – in handling logistics for the crisis as well as improving the overall situation. In addition, the team will help provide consular support to Austrian citizens on site and deliver humanitarian assistance from Austria to the Republic of Moldova.

As Ukraine’s neighbour, Moldova is not only confronting a massive influx of refugees; it is also suffering from the COVID pandemic, dramatically rising energy costs, and the threat to regional security unleashed by the war in Ukraine. Hence, it is all the more important for our Austrian crisis team to not just provide the best possible support to our fellow-citizens on site, but also to make sure that urgently needed humanitarian assistance is provided to the country,

 said Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, emphasising Austrian solidarity with the Republic of Moldova.

The members of the tactical police unit Cobra have been specially educated, equipped and trained for their duties on the crisis support team. Over the last two decades, these interministerial teams have proven their worth in many crisis situations abroad, successfully handling difficult assignments on the ground,

said Minister of the Interior Gerhard Karner.

The situation in Ukraine has significantly worsened. And its neighbouring countries are also suffering from the effects of this pointless war of aggression. The mission and the support of our crisis team during such critical times has already proven successful in the past, and it is only logical to use it. They are also assisted by professionals from the Austrian Army, who complete the team with their know-how and expertise. I wish the entire crisis team all the best for this challenging assignment, but above all, please take care of yourselves and return home safely,

said Minister of Defence Klaudia Tanner.

The government had already sent a crisis team to Ukraine on 20 February 2022. The team at the Uzhhorod office of the Austrian Embassy in Kiev remains available around the clock, and is working with Austrian citizens remaining in the war zone to provide them with the best possible individual support.