Eight Year Old’s Book “Boogers for Brunch” Is the Perfect Way to Celebrate National Nose Picking Day

Boogers for Brunch by Toby Chan

Child author Toby Chan’s hilarious book is the perfect way for kids or the kids-at-heart to celebrate the holiday on April 23

National Nose Picking Day is coming up, and that’s a great time for kids to pick up my new book to celebrate.”
— Toby Chan
MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Here’s the cold, hard truth: no matter how gross people think nose picking is, everyone does it. There’s even a day dedicated to it. And thanks to a new book released in February 2022 by kid author Toby Chan, this National Nose Picking Day on April 23 is getting a fun new way to celebrate all the gross fun.

“Boogers for Brunch” is the first book by eight-year-old author Toby Chan, who wrote the book when he was seven. The story follows the plight of a young protagonist who wants boogers for brunch. He finds creative ways to pair boogers and food until he unfortunately runs out of them. He then embarks on a quest to find more boogers, starting with his mom and dad. But when his supply runs out, the kid hero is forced to look in a surprising new place to keep the boogers coming.

Chan’s book is a fun read for kids and kids-at-heart. Its alliterative style and focus on sight words help young readers stay engaged and follow along while practicing their reading skills. The bright and delightful illustrations deliver additional laughter thanks to the creative abilities of illustrator Moch. Fajar Shobaru.

“National Nose Picking Day is coming up, and that’s a great time for kids to pick up my new book to celebrate,” said Chan. “I had fun writing it, and I hope families have fun reading it together.”

“Boogers for Brunch” is available in Kindle and paperback forms on Amazon.

About Toby Chan
Toby is a fan of military history and baseball. He lives with his parents in Marin County, California. Toby wrote and published his first book, “Boogers for Brunch,” at age 7. Contact boogersforbrunchbook@gmail.com for inquiries.

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