aGreatLife Brings Joy to Families Worldwide with its Fun and Colorful Kids Kites

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The toy brand aims to create toys that are thoughtfully designed while combining fun with learning in time for the summer season 2022

For adults, flying a kite can bring back memories from your childhood and give you the chance to pass a memory on to your children that will last a lifetime.”
— Tony Christer
ELKHART, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2022 / -- With so many stressful events going on in the world, finding time to reflect on life’s little pleasures with the ones we love can be a challenge. But one toy brand is trying to change that by giving families fun toys to bond over that help them savor the moments that matter.

aGreatLife is an Indiana-based toy brand that combines learning with fun through its line of vibrant toys. The brand's signature line is its colorful kites that provide kids and kids-at-heart a way to stimulate their imagination and create memories with friends and family.

In its mission to create toys that have an educational purpose to them, aGreatLife looked to the skies and created a line of kites that achieve it. Kites have long been appreciated for their fun, artistry and host of benefits for both kids and adults. Kites have been proven to help kids develop strength and coordination, especially hand-eye coordination skills. Through learning how to fly a kite, kids can also boost their critical thinking skills and develop kinesthetic awareness and gross motor skills. And for both kids and adults, kites can provide low-impact neck and shoulder exercise and physical activity while relieving stress.

In addition to these benefits, kites provide a budget-friendly activity for families to enjoy. Families can spend a day outside soaking in the great outdoors and getting much-needed Vitamin D while spending time and having fun with people they love.

“aGreatLife’s kites deliver a wonderful sense of nostalgia. For adults, flying a kite can bring back memories from your childhood and give you the chance to pass a memory on to your children that will last a lifetime," said Tony Christer, aGreatLife co-founder. "We're proud to play a part in helping families create lasting memories and enjoy the outdoors with our line of beautiful and affordable kites."

aGreatLife’s best-selling kites for kids 4-8 years old include its Rainbow Kite and Diamond Kite. The Rainbow Kite is designed for users of all experience levels. Its bright rainbow colors and large size make it a family favorite. Due to its size and shape, the Rainbow Kite is easy to fly for kids, even in low wind, and it was a best seller in 2021. Another fan favorite, the Classic Diamond Kite, is lightweight, easy to assemble and is easy to pilot for kite flyers of all experience levels. The diamond shape and rainbow coloring make it easy to fly and spot in the sky, making navigation simple.

Additional kite options offered by aGreatLife include its Dragon Kites in various lengths and graphic styles, Ice Cream Kite and 3D Pizza Kite. The brand also carries kite multipacks to enjoy multiple kite designs and sizes and to enjoy during Kite Festival 2022.

aGreatLife’s kites are available on the brand’s Amazon Store and are available for kite season 2022. For a limited time, users can get a discount with the code 15FLYAKITE.

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