Former Bachelor Contestant Releases New Feature Film, Heaven’s Revenge

LaNease Adams was on season one of the hit reality TV series, and the first ever Bachelor star to star in a Feature Film.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2022 / -- Former contestant on the wildly popular reality show The Bachelor, LaNease Adams, is pleased to announce release of the feature film, Heaven’s Revenge. LaNease stars in, directs, and produces the already trending movie.

LaNease Adams is a dramatic and comedic actress and reality TV star from Los Angeles. Throughout her career, LaNease has been a Series Regular, Guest Star, and Lead, filming numerous commercial, TV, and film roles alongside many veterans. She has also played the leading character role in music videos for major music stars, including Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Mya, Jagged Edge, Snoop Dogg, The Calling, Dirty Vegas, and K-Ci. LaNease was a contestant on Season 1 of ABC's "The Bachelor" and is known for being the "first kiss in Bachelor history” - making her a highly recognizable force in the industry.

In her most recent news, LaNease is announcing the launch of an exciting new film in which she stars, directs, and produces, Heaven’s Revenge. At its core, Heaven’s Revenge is a feature film that follows Heaven Bailey (LaNease Adams, The Bachelor), Jackson Davis (Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm, The Black League of Super Heroes), and Detective Malves (Robert Peters, Ocean’s Eleven), in a love affair gone awry. Heaven feels her life is going well, until she meets Jackson, a professional wrestler, who convinces her to let him “show her what love is.”

Against her instincts, she follows his lead, and the love affair begins as a magical and blissful moment in time for the pair. Heaven falls madly in love but, just as things are ready to take a more serious turn, Jackson abruptly ends the affair - sending Heaven into a tailspin of anger and depression. Heaven decides to get her revenge on Jackson and “makes him pay.” This film has been categorized as a modern day “Misery” meets “Fatal Attraction.”

"When developing ideas for Heaven’s Revenge, we intentionally wanted to make a movie with a diverse cast, so that everyone would want to watch,” says LaNease. “We were able to cast a number of exceptionally talented and diverse actors. It’s been such an incredible experience and we look forward to hearing what audiences have to say about the film.”

To ensure diversity in the film, Heaven’s Revenge boasts an incredible cast, including Earnest Harden Jr., Declan Joyce, and Aly Ward Azevedo, just to name a few.

Additional Producers of Heaven’s Revenge include Kristen Lowman (Lofi Productions) and Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm (Urban Renaissance Entertainment), with Oscar-winner, Paul Stewart (Insecure, Poetic Justice, Hustle, and Flow) acting as Music Supervisor.

Heaven’s Revenge can now be viewed on Tubi and Amazon and is already being touted as being one of the most enthralling roller coaster rides of love, deception, and torture. The film was selected as Quarter Finalists in the New York International Film Festival for Best Independent Film, Best Acting Duo, and Best Thriller. This is surely a film that viewers don’t want to miss.

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About LaNease Adams

LaNease Adams is a multi-talented actress and TV reality star who, as a child, began performing in plays and quickly found her passion for the stage. As an adult, she's trained at the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio, the Ivana Chubbuck Acting Studio, The Groundlings, as well as with Bobbie Chance, making her a highly qualified actress in her own right.

In addition to her appearance on The Bachelor and her new film, LaNease has appeared on Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and The Howard Stern Show. She has also been featured in a variety of popular magazines, including Women's Health, Vanity Fair and People.

LaNease is also passionate about health and wellness, and often speaks on the importance of self-care, and self-love.

About Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm

Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm is a former professional wrestler who transitioned to becoming a multiple award-winning actor, writer, and producer as well as CEO of Urban Renaissance Entertainment, LLC. He was introduced to audiences with a feature role on HBO’s The Wire in its final season as Officer Marcus and has since been seen in TV and Film roles amongst some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including a co-starring role in the hit BBC comedy web series Gigi-Almost American which stars Josh Gad.

Marcus’ first independently released short film, The Black League of Superheroes, has garnered over two dozen film festival awards which he wrote, produced, and stars as multiple popular superheroes, including Black Panther and Blade.

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