Refundee Fighting for Refunds for Victims of Fraud and Scams

The company’s mission is to ensure fraud victims are treated fairly by their banks.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 11, 2022 / -- The founders of Refundee are pleased to announce the launch of an industry changing claims management service. Refundee is designed to support scam victims, and force banks to start taking serious action to tackle fraud.

Refundee helps fraud victims in an ethical way by charging a simple, transparent, and fair fee that is only applied if the victim recovers their money. The team is made up of professionals who have worked at the Financial Conduct Authority, the Financial Ombudsman Service, in banking, and in tech. Together, they are redesigning what a claims management company should be, and trying to change the perception of the Claims Management industry.

“Our mission is to change the way banks are treating victims of fraud and scams, and to change people’s attitude to Claims Management Companies” says Will Ayles, a spokesperson for Refundee. “We are seeing huge numbers of people being fobbed off by their banks when they report that they have been scammed. Often these people feel isolated and don’t know where to turn. We help people get money back when their banks have treated them unfairly. Unfortunately, help for scam victims isn’t being applied consistently across the banking industry, or even within each bank. This is where we come in.”

“We know that Claims Management Companies (CMCs) have got a bad reputation, particularly as a result of PPI where many adopted nuisance calls, and complex unfair fees. People lost trust in CMCs. That lack of trust left many people without representation, and the industry without a CMC that could hold the banks to account. When an individual stands up against a big bank, they might not feel empowered to enforce change. But when thousands of individuals stand up, you can be sure they will start to take it seriously”, states Ayles.

According to Refundee, there are a variety of scams consumers fall prey to, such as Impersonation Scams, Investment Scams, Romance Scams, and Crypto Scams. In all of these cases, fraudsters trick the customer into sending money from their bank account, leading to financial loss and emotional hardship.

Fortunately, Refundee works alongside victims and their financial institutions to try and regain some or all of their financial losses in an equitable manner. There are six steps in the process, which include:
● Speaking to a Refundee professional to inform them of the situation
● Agreeing to work together to try and recoup money lost
● Assessing all details of a case to make note of all pertinent information
● Making the case to the victim’s bank
● Taking the claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service if unhappy with the bank’s response
● Receiving an outcome at which time a bill will be sent (if the case is won) or moving forward without having to pay for the service (if the case is lost)
Mr James Selby, a retired man in his 70’s, recently got his money back after Refundee challenged his bank's decision to deny him a refund after an investment scam. He said “When I contacted Refundee, the bank had told me that it was my fault and I was starting to lose hope. But they were really supportive with me, and it was not long after that they got me a full refund. I was gobsmacked when they told me that they had secured me a refund.”

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About Refundee
Refundee is a claims management company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated claims management activity. The company is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and as a registered company in England & Wales.

Refundee makes it clear that this is something you can do yourself, without the representation of a CMC. If you would rather do it yourself, you can find a free resource at or you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service directly.

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