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Elite mcommerce v3.5 is launched: Keeps abreast of the latest industry demands

EMC v3.5 Features

EMC v3.5 Features

eGrove System Corporation has launched Elite mCommerce v3.5 loaded with features that could turn out to be a game changer for eCommerce stores.

Success is not merely measured by bringing a new feature. It’s relevance lies in how effectively it addresses a consumer's problem.”
— Krish Govindaraj, CEO

EAST BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY, USA, March 10, 2022 / -- Stores were hit hard during the pandemic and eCommerce store owners are looking at newer ways to attract more customers and increase their revenues. Businesses are looking to add more features to their eCommerce mobile apps that improve customer convenience and give a rich shopping experience to customers. To address these needs, eGrove System Corporation has launched its latest version of Elite mCommerce v3.5 loaded with features that could turn out to be a game changer for eCommerce stores. We could say that eGrove’s eCommerce offerings have become even more exciting with the launch of this version of Elite mCommerce.

Multistore Support
Large businesses can now be relieved with the Multistore handling capability introduced by eGrove Systems. Many businesses start with a small one-region store and grow to serve global customers that not only increase their customer base but also their profits all along. Such businesses that operate a chain of stores across various countries would need to customize the look and feel of their stores that help deliver a differentiated experience according to different consumer sentiments in the countries. With the multi-store feature you can have different homepage designs for different stores and the stores can feature different currencies according to the country they serve. This feature allows you manage the multiple stores all through a single app achieved through Elite mCommerce’s powerful single backend.

Location based restriction
The location based restriction helps you define the serviceable area of each store. It works by creating a virtual GeoMap using the customer’s GPS location and shows only stores and products only in the serviceable area of the customer. This adds customer convenience since you will always be able to show only those products that are available to customers while they are shopping.

Bigger Basket Size
A bigger market basket size is the most effective way to measure a brand's true value and increase sales. Elite mCommerce's new layout gives customers the same traditional grocery shopping experience neatly on the mobile app. Customers can now conveniently and easily increase or decrease the quantities of when ordering the same item. They now need not go back to the product page to add more items of the same product. This simply improved customer convenience that translated into increased sales for businesses.

Multiple Pickup Points
Out-of-home delivery is very convenient to customers and offers multiple delivery modes that benefit customers. With more importance being laid on a seamless delivery of goods across multiple geographical locations, the need for multiple pickup locations is now even more for businesses. The multiple pickup location feature helps store owners define more than one pickup location for delivery personnel and customers to pick up their orders. Sometimes the customers might feel the store as distant from their ordering location and might want to pick up orders at a different location that might be closer to their commute. Customers can now easily specify their preferred and convenient pickup location and pick up time slots when placing orders.

OTP based login
For an average user remembering complex passwords for multiple mobile apps could be difficult. Sometimes when a user forgets the password, even though the 'Forgot Password' feature is available, the process of resetting the password could be cumbersome. This increases the bounce rate of the mobile app, with customers sometimes leaving even without logging in. The OTP based login feature adds another layer of security and helps you overcome the downsides of a conventional password. During signup, users can use their phone numbers to register on the app and authenticate with a One Time Password sent on their mobile device. This helps users circumvent the need to create and remember complex passwords. This greatly improves the overall convenience and shopping experience of customers on the mobile app.

Separate Store Admins
Some businesses operate a chain of stores across multiple locations and will have a dedicated store admin to run the show. Realizing the need for business to easily manage such operations Elite mCommerce has come up with the feature of Separate Store Admins. This feature allows eCommerce store owners to have separate store admins for each of their physical stores and the individual store admin will be able to see only their respective shopping orders from customers.

Improved Look and Feel
Brand consistency is crucial to ensure a consistent approach in look, feel and overall usability aspects of an eCommerce store. The new improved look and feel of Elite mCommerce gives your brand a compelling advantage and helps attract more customers and in turn sell more products. The newly redesigned product listing and product detail pages are specifically designed to deliver an exquisite shopping experience suitable for grocery stores and supermarkets.

Voice enabled Smart Shopping
eCommerce is fast growing and transforming the way customers shop. One of the recently rising and becoming popular shopping trends is voice search. This tech savvy customer segment is one that eCommerce store owners cannot afford to ignore and lose out on. The online shopping experience of consumers is taken to a newer level and made easier by voice searches. Voice Search is fast becoming consumers’ preferred way of shopping since it eliminates the need to look for keys or type. Voice Search can become the game changer in eCommerce and overlooking it could prove to be detrimental for eCommerce store owners since they would lose out on an obvious opportunity. Elite mCommerce’s team is working on voice enabled smart shopping feature that would allow shoppers order products easily using voice assist. They can simply use their voice commands to fill their cart with products and checkout. They can even use the voice assist feature to key in the OTP generated during login authentication.

With the launch of these new features Elite mCommerce has added a new dimension to businesses improving customer engagement.

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