30,000 Unsung Hero Nurses in Los Angeles, 400,000 in California, 4+ Million in U.S., 20+ Million Worldwide. Who Cares?

Pamela Jane Nye nurse, aka: The Vaccinator

Pamela Jane Nye nurse, aka: The Vaccinator


THE NURSES WALL (Click to Enlarge)


Nurse Pamela Jane Nye cares and globally seeks a billion+ people to post a nurse-honoring message on THE NURSES WALL during National Nurses Week. (May 6-12-22)

I only need one person to say 'yes,' and the success of this mission is not only possible, it becomes predictable.”
— Pamela Jane Nye
MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Pamela Jane Nye became an acclaimed nurse by facing, fighting, and overcoming challenges during her three-decade nursing career. None, however, compare to Operation Scrubs' mission to present a global public's virtual "thank you" gift to the world's 20+ million unsung hero nurses and in memory of the 3,000+ nurses killed by Covid-19. The gift is THE NURSES WALL. The scheduled presentation date is National Nurses Week, May 6-12-2022. This brief YouTube video clip answers basic who, when, where, why, and how questions. (https://youtu.be/krzeoHr7T4w)

While most people learning about Nye's mission are enthusiastic and supportive, some applaud the mission's concept but consider a billion+ nurse-thanking message posting objective overly optimistic; some say it's impossible.

"Logistically and mathematically, this mission not only possible, it's predictable," Nye argues, and acknowledges it requires the participation of influential people with large social media followings, social media companies, and global news media support.

"Getting a billion nurse-thanking messages on THE NURSE WALL is not the difficult part," explains Nye. "The challenge is connecting with the influential people you want to meet and the decision-level business leaders with authority to make the 'yes' decision.

Nye's support recruitment pitch is brief, direct, and typically begins with, "2020 was designated by the World Health Organization as the 'Year of the Nurse.' Covid-19 stole it. THE NURSES WALL and the Operation Scrubs mission is the plan to take it back."

Nye's take-back weaponry includes the Operation Scrubs nonprofit organization; THE NURSES WALL virtual gift, global news media exposure, a nurse-thanking appreciative public; and a small number of influential people having or can connect with other influential people who can ask their large number of social media followers to post a "thank you" message on THE NURSES WALL during National Nurses Week. (May 6-12).

According to Nye, "The mathematical pathway to a billion message-postings could be Cristiano Renaldo/390M), Ariana Grande/229M), Dwayne Johnson/226M), and Kylie Jenner/223M), whose social media following alone totals 1,068 billion. To reach 2,032 billion, add Salena Gomez (219M), Kim Kardashian/212M), Lionel Messi/194M), Beyonce (171M), and Justin Bieber (168M). For 3,032 billion included Taylor Swift/152M), Jennifer Lopez/148M), Kendall Jenner/156M), Miley Cyrus/127M), Katy Perry/115M), Kevin Hart/105M), Demi Lovato/101M), and Ellen DeGeneres/96M)."

Nye also seeks to recruit a company or companies with a billion+ subscriber numbers, e.g., Facebook, Google, Instagram, TikTok, WeChat, and YouTube.

Should Nye reach and persuade those she's identified to assist, odds favor, this will be a unique and historically successful mission. If not, she still succeeds by having created THE NURSE WALL, which will foreseeable and infinitely continue to collect nurse-appreciative posting messages.

Ask Nye why this mission should succeed, and her passion becomes apparent as she refers to the International Council of Nurses report indicating "Since March 2020, Covid-19 killed 3,000+ nurses. To honor these fallen nurses and 20+ million more unsung hero nurses worldwide, there's no cost and little time involved. And given their 24/7 role as front-line responders during this relentless pandemic, why would anyone say 'no' to posting a nurse-thanking message? Seriously!"

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