Vault Metal Releases Free Gold and Silver Investing Guides to Help Consumers Safeguard their Retirement Funds

Vault Metal Free 2022 Precious Metals Investment Guides

With stock markets plunging due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, gold continues to remain a stable retirement investment option in the face of market uncertainty

Our three new guides educate investors on why precious metals are a smart investment option and how they can continue to ensure their retirement investments are optimized.”
— Kyle Geralds
EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2022 / -- Vault Metal, a precious metals firm specializing in physical gold and silver investments and precious metals IRA rollovers, has announced the release of three free gold and silver investment guides. Each of the guides contains investment advice informed by the firm’s decades of Wall Street, global finance, and precious metals expertise.

Vault Metal’s 2022 guides are being released at a pivotal time as markets worldwide have exhibited incredible volatility. Due to various global and economic crises, including Russia’s war on Ukraine, stock markets have recently plunged, taking IRAs and 401(k)s with them. Crypto has also taken several hits over the past year, resulting in investors’ crypto, stock market, and retirement accounts losing significant value.

Despite this market volatility, precious metals have remained stable or have skyrocketed in value. Gold prices have continued to increase, making it a sensible choice for investors to add to their portfolios to safeguard against fiat and cryptocurrency market volatility.

With these factors in mind, Vault Metal’s 2022 guides cover a wide range of retirement investment topics, including, but not limited to:

•Why gold and silver are safe investment choices,
•How to get started investing in physical gold and silver tax-free and penalty-free,
•How gold and silver can protect an IRA/401(k) from rising inflation; and
•How gold and precious metals can protect an IRA/ 401(k) from stock market crashes.

The collection of guides offers a comprehensive resource for investors to educate themselves on the benefits of gold and silver investments and how to protect their IRAs and retirement accounts against inflation and stock market crashes. The guides are:

•“2022 Gold & Silver IRA Guide,” which explains how investors can begin investing in gold and silver and strategically safeguard their IRAs against inflation;
•“Your New Financial Relationship With Banks,” outlining how investors can protect themselves in a time when banks rely on bail-ins--using their depositors' and account holders' funds--not government bailouts, are becoming the norm; and
•“2022 IRA & 401(k) Protection Guide,” an educational resource arming investors with the insights needed to build their retirement accounts’ values by investing tax-free in precious metals.

“Investing in precious metals has always been a wise choice to protect your investments in the long-term and diversify your portfolio,” said Kyle Geralds, co-founder and chief market analyst of Vault Metal. “Some people are nervous about investing in gold and silver because they simply do not understand the process and benefits of it. Our three new guides educate investors on why precious metals are a smart investment option and how they can continue to ensure their retirement investments are optimized. Anyone looking to learn more is invited to download our guides or give us a call for a consultation.”

Vault Metal’s 2022 precious metals investment guides can be downloaded at or by calling 877-588-8886. Those interested in learning more about Vault Metal can also visit

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