Announcing MistyMr.: The Tech that Eliminates Woes Associated with Opening Plastic Produce Bags

The product is a sensor-activated misting technology that dispenses purified water on customers’ fingertips.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2022 / -- Clean Planet Solutions and the developer of MistyMr., Misting Technology, are pleased to announce the launch of cutting-edge technology aimed at helping shoppers to open grocery produce bags – stress free.

MistyMr. is a sensor-activated misting technology designed to assist customers with opening standard produce bags while shopping in-store. The product dispenses purified water on customers’ fingertips to help them easily open grocery and plastic produce bags, which is a difficult task for many people. MistyMr. also enhances customer safety from biohazards by eliminating the need to lick bacteria-laden fingers to separate plastic produce bags, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

“Separating plastic produce bags is often one of the most frustrating experiences when out shopping for groceries,” says Patrick Welsh, a spokesperson for Clean Planet Solutions, “This is a universal struggle experienced, and barely tolerated, by many that often leads consumers to using unconventional and even unsanitary methods for opening produce bags. Fortunately, for customers and grocery stores around the world, MistyMr. is the perfect solution.”

The MistyMr. works in four simple steps, including:

1. Sensor detection – detects customer’s fingertips when placed directly beneath its sensor
2. Dispensation of mist – device immediately and automatically dispenses mist of purified water on the fingertips
3. Gain of produce bag opening ability – fingertips are now damp enough to easily separate plastic produce bags
4. Customer satisfaction – consumers continue to enjoy their shopping experience without disruption

Not only that, but MistyMr. is available in two styles to choose from, including the MistyMr. device without the stand and the MistyMr. with a stand and ad board. Both options offer exceptional benefits and features to stores and customers, such as:

• Suitable for several locations in-store
• Promotes sanitary behavior
• Easily assembles
• Tamper-resistant
• Battery-powered
• Easy-to-use
• Large water storage
• Cost-efficient
• And so much more!

For more information about MistyMr., or to place an order and guarantee a safe and comfortable shopping experience for your customers, please visit

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