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Increased Motor Vehicle Accidents Due to the Pandemic

Car Accidents Increase During Pandemic - New York Injury Lawyers

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New York Car Accident Lawyers

New York Car Accident Lawyers

The prevalence of serious motor vehicle accidents that have resulted in serious injury and death has increased drastically since COVID-19.

We’ve represented hundreds of clients who were hurt in accidents due to reckless and aggressive driving since the pandemic began. We urge the public to drive sober and obey traffic laws. ”
— Jonathan M. Goidel, co-founder of Goidel & Siegel, LLP

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, March 4, 2022 / -- Since the pandemic, there has been a 17.5% increase in automobile crash fatalities. According to a recent New York Times article, this is the highest spike that the United States has experienced in motor-vehicle related accident fatalities since the 1960s. This data is especially concerning because the 1960s were when traffic safety laws were first enacted, and motor vehicle manufacturers were required to adhere to stricter safety standards.

COVID-19 has taken the lives of millions of people around the globe and changed society as we once knew it. Millions of people were ordered to stay in their homes to prevent the spread of the contagious and deadly virus while scientists worked to develop a vaccine.

Traffic safety experts had hoped that the stay-at-home orders would mean fewer automobile accidents due to decreased vehicles on roadways. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused deeper and more damaging issues to mental health, including increased aggressive behaviors.

This anger and frustration has become evident on American roadways. Studies reveal that COVID-19 has been a major factor in the aggressive behavior that has been linked to the significant increase in motor vehicle crash-related injuries and fatalities. The legal team at Goidel & Siegel Injury Lawyers are disheartened about this significant increase in motor vehicle crash injuries.

Car crashes are only one of several disturbing and violent occurrences caused by the pandemic. There has also been a significant increase in violent crimes, drug, and alcohol abuse. Drug and alcohol abuse have also played a major role in significant increase of car crashes.

“We’ve represented hundreds of clients who were hurt in accidents due to reckless and aggressive driving since the pandemic began,” stated Jonathan M. Goidel, co-founder of Goidel & Siegel, LLP. “We urge the public to drive sober and obey traffic laws.”

The majority of the automobile crash fatalities could have been prevented. The most causes were driving under the influence, ignoring traffic laws, and distracted driving. Minority groups, including African Americans and Native Americans, have been disproportionately affected by car crash fatalities.

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