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He Survived 30 Years of Trauma and Addiction, Then Muse Treatment Center in Los Angeles Helped Save His Life

Los Angeles, March 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles, California -

Los Angeles, CA – Decades of substance addiction eventually led to a new road to recovery for a Los Angeles man who found a whole new life at Muse Treatment. He was so grateful, he left an enthusiastic 5-star review for the treatment center on Google.

Muse Treatment absolutely saved my life,” wrote Devanne. “[They] gave me the much-needed tools to help me get through the 35 years of trauma I have survived.”

Muse Treatment Alcohol & Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Muse is a Los Angeles addiction treatment center where clients find new strategies for coping with mental health and substance use disorders. Muse treats addiction to alcohol and drugs, including prescription painkillers and medication for anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring psychological conditions.

Devanne came to Muse after fighting addiction for more than three decades. But drugs weren’t his only issue.

“I used pain pills and alcohol to numb both physical and mental pain I had been drowning in,” he wrote. “I was in a loveless marriage. I was surrounded by people but completely alone. I figured, what the hell did I have to lose? So I hopped on a plane. I didn’t know leaving Florida behind forever, finding love for myself for the first time ever, and looking forward to life again, could ever be possible.”

Devanne’s experience using drugs and alcohol to self-medicate emotional pain is a common one for many Muse clients. It’s known as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder. In cases like Devanne’s, substance addiction is really just a symptom of a deeper emotional or psychological problem. The two must be treated together. If only the addiction is treated but not the underlying problem, the client is more likely to relapse because they still haven’t resolved the root cause. Public health experts have found that almost 9 million Americans are battling both addiction and a mental illness, but only 7.4% receive treatment for the two conditions together.

Muse offers a variety of treatment plans custom-designed to fit the individual needs of each client. The Muse experience usually begins with medically assisted detox, a cleansing period in which harmful toxins are cleansed from the body and the client is physically prepared for the emotional work of rehab. This is followed by residential and outpatient rehab, an extended period of therapy using evidence-based approaches to help the client learn new coping strategies. These include group and individual therapy sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other leading-edge techniques.

Like many other Muse alumni, Devanne was most enthusiastic about the Muse staff. Clients often say it was Muse’s caring, compassionate, and highly qualified staff that made the difference in their success.

“The staff was amazing!” he wrote, listing several staff members by name. His therapist, he wrote, “Opened Pandora’s box, gently led me through, and provided me with the tools to deal with the contents within it.”

“I can go on and on,” he enthused. “These people are now my family!”

“Muse can be your home away from home,” he concluded. “I now have six months sober (and) I can finally just breathe. I can just be. Let Muse love you, like they did for me!”

Anyone struggling with substance use disorder can contact Muse and speak with a treatment specialist anytime 24/7. Success is possible at Muse, no matter how many times a person may have tried and been unsuccessful. To begin the process of recovery for oneself or another person, visit Muse Treatment online or call 800-426-1818.


For more information about Muse Treatment, contact the company here:

Muse Treatment
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