Outsource-Philippines Soars High with the Outsourcing Industry Trends despite the Global Pandemic

business owner of outsourcing company growing business with outsourcing trends

Business Owner Outlining Outsourcing Trends

Outsource-Philippines continues to be one of the frontline performers in the industry of outsourcing with outsourcing services following industry trends.

SAN PEDRO, LAGUNA, PHILIPPINES, March 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The number of remote job opportunities is growing by the day. Given the pandemic the world continues to face, many businesses across the globe are searching for more efficient processes. These include outsourcing their business functions that include administrative, accounting, marketing, IT, and digital services, to name a few.

Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) recognize the benefits of a remote workforce, such as cost reduction, increase in productivity, and access to top-level professionals. As 2022 began, offshore services became high-flying solutions to achieving business success. In fact, in a Clutch 2021 survey, 80% of the participants rely on hiring remote workers or plan to outsource in order to save time, utilize expert services, and boost business growth.

Laurel Mercado, president and founder of Outsource-Philippines, understands the potential of providing digital solutions. He is also passionate about providing innovative services to help SMBs reach their business potential. Thus, since its inception 2003, Outsource-Philippines has continued to pioneer the knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) services in the Philippines. The firm has consistently risen above other service providers as they provide quality yet very affordable outsourcing services to companies, not only in the Philippines, but also across different parts of the world.

“We know the importance and advantages of outsourcing services to small- to medium-sized businesses, so we make sure that we offer only the best digital solutions at competitive service rates. Your business can have better control of its finances and processes with our cost-effective, cloud-efficient services and competent team of professionals. When you partner with us, you can be at ease while you work on your core responsibilities,” said Mercado.

In line with the continuous dedication of living out the mission and vision of the company, Outsource-Philippines strives to be the best in the country and be the global leader in the industry of offshore KPO solutions. Mercado guarantees the effectiveness of Outsource-Philippines’ value-adding services by making sure that they leverage outsourcing industry trends. Indeed, the company takes pride in providing staffing solutions such as digital marketing, administrative, data management, contact center, creative, and website management services. All these services and their business processes are aligned with this year’s trends.

Mercado added: “Despite the pandemic, we are making a continuous effort to improve our service offerings and we make sure that we are equipped to follow the trends, even go beyond them. A few highlights of our outsourcing processes are our advanced automation software, robust social media strategies, our investment in new technologies, improved communications, and, of course, our teams of skilled and competent professionals in different industries.”

As a final point, in this age of digitization, businesses need to adapt and turn technology to their advantage. Hence, incorporating digital solutions to promote your brand and reach a wider audience is now one of the most effective marketing strategies. With Outsource-Philippines, you don’t just get to make the most of hiring remote workers; you can also experience the benefits of outsourcing trends.

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