A New Trend in Canada and Worldwide: Learn Forex and Day-Trading in Private, Online Groups

LearnForex.ca is delivered by successful day-traders who are trading directly with users, teaching key strategies, and pro secrets.

TORONTO , ONTARIO, CANADA, February 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- LearnForex.ca is pleased to announce its educational and collaborative platform is designed to support online learning and trading groups – a new trend in Canada that is growing in popularity.

LearnForex.ca is an online community of fathers, mothers, retirees, grandmothers, students, and many others who share a common interest in wanting to learn more about Forex and Day-Trading. The platform’s mission is to help group members better their lives through their own efforts by connecting to learn the basics, discuss trades, even share pro strategies.

“Recently, there has been a growing number of Canadians learning day-trading to supplement their income,” says founder of the platform, Sam Kirk. “What’s new and different, however, is that they are learning and trading in “Trading Groups” – in Zooms and other platforms. This means that long gone are the times of trading by yourself with a ‘signal’ or ‘course.’ Instead, successful day-traders are teaching other ‘newbie’ traders how to be consistently successful in the day-trading world, by trading with them, teaching strategies, and sharing their secret knowledge.”

According to Kirk, the goal of LearnForex.ca is to teach others to day-trade, supplement their income, and eventually become ‘job-optional.’ Ultimately, this means they do not have to go into work if they don’t want to, as money from a job is no longer a necessity in life.

“What’s unique about our community is that we trade live together,” Kirk continues. “This is rare. Most others simply leave users to figure the industry out on their own – leaving them with no real guidance. As you can imagine, failure is high with this approach – at a whopping 90%. With our platform, this is no longer a worry. We are here to support one another with each and every step.”

LearnForex.ca is available for free to any Canadian over the age of 18 and who is willing to use the education and software platform, used by the community, for a nominal fee.
The platform and academy have created such wealth for people that Bob Proctor, from the movie, The Secret, wholeheartedly backed its mission.

The goal of the group is a life-changing, life-long skillset, adds Kirk. “Of course, we cannot ever guarantee financial results and outcomes, but our goal to help educate others and help them learn a new life skillset is paramount.”

For more information about LearnForex.ca, please visit www.LearnForex.ca.

About LearnForex.ca

LearnForex.ca was founded by Sam Kirk, an active trader within the online community. The platform was created for Canadians, by a Canadian, to bring together like-minded people who are interested in learning more about Forex trading. Today, there are approximately 2,700 traders in the platform’s groups and over 1 million users who are utilizing the education platform and software it showcases.

Sam Kirk