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Digital Interactive Platform Providing Turn-Key Services that Keep Patients on Track with Prescriptions Amid Medication Non-Adherence Epidemic

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2022 / -- Perigon Health 360 is unveiling the latest releases on its Medesto Health Enterprise Drug and Monitoring platform at this year’s HIMSS Digital Health Conference. It’s from Monday, March 14 through Friday, March 18, 2022 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. Perigon Health 360 continues to introduce new features and functionality that are redefining how remote patient care and medication management are utilized in healthcare. Perigon Health 360 wants to be the leader in “unit dose verification” and create the most advanced platform for monitoring patients, sharing critical information and prompting efficient clinical intervention. Medesto seamlessly integrates digitally recorded biometric data, medication adherence data and patient medical records into one web-based portal providing varying levels of access for caregivers, loved ones, practitioners and pharmacists. The Medesto platform monitors and prompts activities designed to improve outcomes through a network of escalations ranging from app push notifications, automated phone calls, emails, two way text messaging and audio notifications through cellular based hubs and dispenser interfaces. Medesto provides real time patient insight for pharmacists and caregivers and also serves as a single platform for value based care reimbursements such RPM and RTM. The Medesto Health Enterprise Platform will be visually available for live demonstrations throughout the conference at Perigon Health 360’s Booth, Booth #3716.

Based out of Detroit, Michigan and licensed to serve all 50 states, Perigon Health 360 recognizes that not taking medication on time or missing them entirely can cause serious side effects, hamper health treatment or, worse, jeopardize people’s health. It is these concerns that led this leading digital health company to create Medesto Health Enterprise Platform as an effective way to monitor, track and dispense medication for increasing compliance that also includes and, is not limited to, checking vitals, and providing information on prescription side effects, which today is boasting 95% adherence levels that exceeds industry average by 40%.

Redefining how patients interact with their pharmacist by equipping them with a digital solution that drives improved clinical outcomes, Perigon Health 360’s Medesto Health Enterprise Platform is especially designed to collaborate directly with patients. It facilitates real-time medication adherence and health marker tracking for precision patient-tailored care that benefits patients as well as prescribers, payers and pharmaceutical companies, providing peace of mind for patients, providers and loved ones alike. Tracking when patients take or do not take their medication, it ensures everyone is cared for safely and accurately while also providing complex therapy regimens, single and multi-med solutions along with Bluetooth and cell phone capability that make in-home health care management effortless.

To learn more about Perigon Health 360 and its Medesto Health Enterprise Platform, please visit their website.


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