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Pebble Art Zone Opens Doors to the Future of Teenage Artists and Under Privilege Children Via Handcrafted NFTs

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Pebbles Art Zone announces plans to introduce its handmade NFT art, gather community support, and help the cause.

SECACUS, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2022 / -- Pebbles Art Zone, today, announced their latest development in the NFT world with the initiation of their cause-driven brand. The brand drop will be live soon and will feature different NFT art collectibles by a teenage artist. The NFT comprises community-driven essentials associated with the purchase and will pledge its attention towards serving the rudimentary needs of orphans.

Elaborating on the purpose of Pebble Art, Founder, and CEO at Pebbles Art Zone, Harris Hussain says, "NFTs are the future. These digitally-acclaimed masterpieces are ushering in the next generation of digital artists and content creators. I believe NFTs can change how new artists and creators are found, improve how they serve the love for art, and redefine the industry norms as a whole. All this begins by creating a digital platform, like our brand, that serves all artists, no matter where they are from. Handmade NFT art is much more than a digital collectible. The company is demonstrating how technology can become the succeeding surge for change to streamline collaboration between content-driven communities, extend digital interactions, and support social causes.”

Pebble Art is not just a profit-seeking business; it is a movement driven by the noblest cause of educating the under privilege children across the globe. The movement is initiated by a talented teenager who ambitiously displayed his creativity on small pebbles. Pebble Art is turning this simple yet creative craft into valuable NFT.

The Pebble Art Zone is the community build-up of teenagers who have similar creative skills and passion to showcase their talent. We welcome every teenager to join Pebble Art Zone and contribute to the growing number of NFTs. Each handcrafted pebble converted to NFT will be a resource of income for teenagers. The NFT artist community will be able to create digital representations of their art giving owners uninterrupted rights of access to unique artwork or digital content. Pebbles Art Zone will be able to encourage better opportunities for teenage artists. Highlighting these creative art pieces is expected to bring a creative expression and greater opportunity for the brand.

Detailing the other side of the story, Harris Hussain says, “The Pebble Art NFTs will be sold and a notable percentage of the earning on each transaction will be donated to the globally active NGOs, focused on the education of needy and under privilege children. At the initial stage, the contribution will be small; however, with time, as the number of NGOs on board grows, the contribution to this noble cause will also multiply.”

Teenagers have been our greatest asset and investment. By empowering teenagers, we are opening doors of opportunities for a profitable future and helping them scale their creative skills to the next level. We chose education to be our focal point of social cause. Education has always been at the core of progress in human development eras, so much that it is a basic need of every individual. It is impossible to survive individually or collectively with education. It is; therefore, most important that we keep our focus on this issue.

Summarizing the concept, he concludes, “We are so fortunate to co-operate with talented creators and artists and collaborate with reputable NGOs throughout the entire process. Pebble Art Zone is the means to change the future for the teenage artists on one hand and needy children on the other hand.”

Pebbles Art Zone is on a mission to foster healthy relations with all industry stakeholders. The team is constantly brainstorming and innovating fresher, creative ideas to place their handmade NFTs on the market. Not only is this a fresh idea to connect with more people, but a fruitful advance to collaborate with industry talents across all horizons.

About Pebbles Art Zone
Pebbles Art Zone is a technology company founded to create state-of-the-art digital masterpieces to take the NFT ecosystem by storm. The company envisions empowering teenage artists to create handcrafted art on pebbles by putting them as valuable NFTs. The company is collaborating with reputed and renowned NGOs who are actively working globally for the education of under privilege and deserving children. Join Pebble Art Discord Community

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Pebble Art Zone – Handcrafted NFTs By Teenagers To Educating Children