Biblical Combat: David Challenges Goliath's 'Feats of Clay'

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One of the wealthiest Evangelists in the U.S. is facing his Second Coming & Judgment Day in another $ Million+ Lawsuit.

Growing up in the Hinn family empire was like belonging to some hybrid of the royal family and the mafia ... our lifestyle was lavish ... our version of the gospel was big business.”
— Costi Hinn

TUSTIN, CA, USA, February 24, 2022 / -- In This Corner, the Challenger:
Dr. Norman Quintero is a successful businessman, prominent international humanitarian and mental health professional with 2 PhD’s. Moreover, he is the Founder and Pastor of Iglesia Getsemani – a church that serves one of the poorest communities in the State of California. For decades, he has provided – continues to provide - food, shelter, clothing and social services to millions around the world as well as those in his own community.

His Opponent, the Defendant:
Benny Hinn is a high school dropout who with his “Chief Executive”, Don Price, has created a miasma of tax-exempt business entities (only 8 of 16 still exist at last count) over the past decades. Donations to God are solicited via innumerable videos and live extravaganzas featuring faith healing, various versions of a "prosperity gospel", miracles and merch.

With the help from an army of aggressive accountants and lawyers, they have financed ongoing, massive legal fees, a tax-exempt fleet of luxury automobiles, a few million-dollar mansions, top-tier hotel suites and private jet(s) … all thanks to the “donations to God” from the most gullible and vulnerable among their faithful and “partners”.

According to credible industry sources, the enterprises generate revenue/personal wealth ranked 4th among all evangelistic organizations, yet receive an “F” rating from other watchdog sources when it comes to paying their bills or honoring their promises.

Not unlike a recent (in)famous politician, Benny and another Don, may have bitten of more than they can chew in the person of “Dr. Q” this time. Defendant has been served court documents and will soon be required to exchange Interrogatories, Discovery and Depositions under oath and be subject to criminal laws against perjury. According to those recently served court documents, Dr. Quintero's claims - if factual - are essentially these: Having created a something known as “Cal-Tex Acquisition IV”, the Hinn-Price connection summarily, sold a building to “Dr. Q's ” NQR Corp (and possibly another, unrelated, party at the same time?) then transferred all assets from Cal-Tex and promptly filed for bankruptcy.

Meanwhile the new owner went about investing into improvements, equipment and the labor necessary to serve his community and achieve his mission. A few months thereafter, the “fit hit the shan”. Cops were called, claims and counter-claims were made, eventually the new tenant was evicted and property was seized. Coincidentally, during this time span, a multi-million-dollar judgment was assessed against what Hinn’s family refers to as his “royal family or the “mafia”.

All attempts to reach Defendant for comment have failed. Voice mails to Hinn's and Price's personal cell phones have gone unanswered.

Previously, Hinn’s “ministry” had already solicited donations by using Dr. Q’s name and church specifically designated to help Dr. Q’s church with the expenses in obtaining and distributing food and other staples for the community’s needy. Once all the checks were cashed, Hinn & Price refused to turnover any monetary donations to Dr. Q’s food drive during the height of the pandemic. .

So, now in Dr. Norman Quintero ... David has become a sleeping giant of what Christianity actually means … and has been awakened. Once again, David will meet Goliath.

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Benny "sells" another building