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John Cornish Is Offering The Best Mortgage Refinance Rates In Quad Cities, IA

Bettendorf, Feb. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bettendorf, Iowa -

John Cornish, from Key Mortgage Group, a local leader in providing financial assistance services for clients in the market for Quad Cities real estate, is extending his help to current homeowners who are looking to refinance their homes for cash or better rates.

The coronavirus pandemic put a wrench in the plans of several homeowners who were planning on leveraging their existing assets such as the home that they live in to refinance it and get the funds to put towards a business idea they might have kindled for a long time, another property purchase, or any other personal life goal that they might have set their mind to. However, since the pandemic upended the economy, many homeowners hesitated to take that leap and go ahead with the refinancing. John Cornish said that he had been fielding the question of whether it was a good time to go for refinancing from many people in the Quad Cities area since the pandemic began.

John Cornish

He released a video on his YouTube channel near the beginning of 2021 where he honestly answered the question of whether it was a good time to refinance a home because a lot of people were going through economic anxiety owing to the effect of the pandemic on the country’s economy and since refinancing seemed like a good idea to arrange some much-needed funds. However, at that moment, John explained in the video, that he was not confident about the state of the real estate market and was not sure whether it was a good move to refinance a home at the beginning of 2021. John urged cautiousness as there were no definitive answers to where the market was headed in the short term. He did, however, encourage homeowners to collect as much information as they possibly can on the options they had at the moment for refinancing as there were no downsides to it.

Then, as the government fought the effects of the pandemic with great gusto and many parts of the economy showed signs of bouncing back, the real estate market improved throughout 2021 and the refinance volume rose significantly. According to the Freddie Mac website, in inflation-adjusted 2020 dollars, there were about $1.6 trillion in first-lien refinance originations in the first half of 2021 which was a 33% increase in refinancing activity compared to the first half of 2020. John Cornish’s clients who took the advice from his YouTube video from January 2001 were thus in a better position to capitalize on the improving state of the market as they had already done their research and were prepared to take advantage of the opportunity. Readers who see the value that John is offering and want to find out more about John’s other services and the work that he does for first-time homebuyers in the Quad Cities area can check out a recent news article that highlights his past work and skills.

Near the end of 2021, in October, John Cornish released another video in which he briefly explains three easy steps that one can take to examine whether refinancing is the right option for them. The first step is to email John one’s mortgage statement at the email address Next, John will then do a cost-benefit analysis for the client to understand whether their assets support their ability to refinance their home. Finally, John will have a discussion with the client to review their individual goals to see if a refinance is right for them. John shows in the video that he understands the changing tide of the real estate market and, though the outlook is positive, there is still some due diligence to be done before biting the bullet and availing of a refinance on one’s property.

John Cornish can be contacted at the phone number (563) 214-1539 or the email address John Cornish’s NMLS ID# is 631532. Readers can also find out more about John Cornish by checking out a recent news article that talks about the various financial services he offers in the Quad Cities area.


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