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Victoria Man Asks for Public Assistance to Bring Virtual Reality to Critically Ill and Disabled

Child experiencing virtual reality and its world to endless possibilites

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Limitless frontiers to Explore for those unable to travel

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There are places where sick kids will never be able to go, but one man is determined to bring those places to them.

VR gives terminally Ill children the experience of a lifetime. To me, this gift is sustainable—not granting one wish for one day but offering a 24/7 'library card' to the meta-verse.”
— Drew A Farion
VICTORIA, BC, CANADA, March 1, 2022 / -- Drew Farion will stop at nothing to grant wishes, especially for young people whose severe health or mobility limitations bar them from adventures that others might take for granted. This Canadian based entrepreneur is harnessing the power of Virtual Reality goggles so that a paraplegic teenager can salsa dance in Spain or ski the Swiss Alps, a twelve-year-old burn victim can receive critical acclaim as she walks the fashion runways in Paris, or a five-year-old can ride a roller-coaster, learn to play the guitar or scuba dive in Greece.

Through his research, he learnt that organizations such as Make-A-Wish Canada, Sick Kids and BC Hospitals, were NOT granting any travel wishes because COVID related issues. As someone with a passion for Europe, Farion simply said that if these kids can not go to Europe then he will bring Europe to them whether in their schools, homes, wheelchairs or hospital beds... through VR,

To make his dream become reality Farion has assembled a first-rate international film crew and created a new production media company called Dream On Films. Starting Sept 2022, his team will embark on their first film project called the 'The Silver Surfer Euro-Tour' to create a VR video documentary series showcasing the unique array of cultures, bucket-list destinations and the most compelling sights, festivals and sporting events the continent has to offer.

"While on this once-in-a-lifetime journey, we will seek to shine a light from Finland to Malta, Valencia to Basel, Berlin to Budapest. and showcase the magnitude of culture that blossoms from one country to the next. We will forever look for the road less travelled in search of the most scenic vistas, viewpoints and landscapes that this continent has to offer." Says Farion.

The resulting content produced from this documentary will be like having a library card to either play VR video games, learn to cook with a French chef or live vicariously in a once-in-a-lifetime European adventure. To Mr. Farion "This gift is sustainable. Not granting one wish for one day but offering everyone on a terminally ill medical ward 24/7 access to everything in the meta-verse."

As for his higher purpose, Mr. Farion envisions giving back to society as he relates to watching sports. "Sports are a distraction that often take my mind off something I do not want to deal with and or think about. "Imagine if we can provide that outlet to escape the heavy burdens that must be carried? I want to be a 'ray in the rainbow' that takes them to a pot of golden exploration, wonder and discovery."

Farion points to an article written by Molly Fosco entitled: 'VR Gives Terminally Ill Children the Experience of a Lifetime" to quantify and qualify whether or not bringing memorable moments of Europe back to kids, teenagers and parents across Canada, US and eventually the world over is a worthy cause or not?.

"Imagine if every hospital had a few pairs of VR goggles that kids could use," Farion says. "What kind of a difference would we be making to grant this kind of technology to an entire ward of critically ill children and/or a facility of multiple children with learning disabilities? To me, this gift is sustainable—not granting one wish for one day but offering a 24/7 'library card' to the meta-verse."

Meanwhile, Farion has launched a crowdfunding campaign at

"My Goal is to raise $1 million before August 31st, 2022 to purchase 1000 VR goggles for children who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities or critical illness and try to cover costs of our Silver Surfer Euro-tour documentary campaign," Farion says.

To date, Farion has invested over $70K in wages pre-planning this tour and is prepared to invest an additional $150K of his own personal capital to make sure this project is a success. He is calling upon fellow entrepreneurs and philanthropists, and the parent community, to take part by contributing financial donations to this crusade.

He is also looking for corporate sponsorship, film equipment and/or glamping supplies, and welcomes assistance from anyone with social media skills to help make his crowdfunding campaign go viral.

Even Further Possibilities

To advocate his higher purpose and motivation for making this VR footage, Farion has added Kristian OakenShield to his fundraising team. OakenShield is a Victoria-based wheelchair athlete who, on hearing about the project, offered to be its ambassador because he strongly believes VR will benefit not only sick kids, but also people of any age who have spinal cord injuries or other disabilities.

"With Virtual Reality your mind takes the experience as fact, and that's powerful," OakenShield says. "Even if you're someone who has no memory of ever being functional, suddenly you can find yourself on a beach, looking down at your feet in the sand, and seeing your hands as functional hands. This can be very therapeutic for someone's mental and even physical health, because the subconscious brain will remember."

About Silver Surfer Euro-Tour

The Silver Surfer Euro-Tour is a film documentary project of 'Dream On’ Films – a media production company. The project will capture the best Europe has to offer and deliver those memorable moments, to sick kids and teenagers with critical illness and/or mobility limitations, through virtual reality. https//

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