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Harness the Power of 2.22.2022 to Unlock Human Potential In an Interview of Author, Ben Neil

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The Initiate Book

Join us in an interview with the author of the book "The Initiate", between Ben Neil and Glenda Benevides, Founder of the Global Badass Society

We live in a participatory universe that is much more friendly than we realize. Our thoughts are endowed with creative power, and once we are able to truly accept this, we open ourselves to magic”
— Ben Neil
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 22, 2022 / -- Join the Author of "The Initiate" book and the Founder of the Global Badass Goddess Society for an exclusive interview for those who feel called to unlock their forgotten powers.

It has been said by mystics, numerologists and astrologers over the years that the portal between 2.2.2022 and 2.22.2022 will be a time to re-evaluate where one needs to take more initiative in their life and in theory "upgrade to a better timeline for their life trajectory". These topics and much more will be discussed by two authors who have learned how to appreciate themselves as spiritual beings and were compelled to share their experiences that lead them to a state of higher consciousness. The interview is conducted by Glenda Benevides who wrote the book entitled: “COURAGE”, after decades of performing globally as a musician and created “The Global Badass Goddess Society” to encourage others who are living courageously to create art from the heart. Ben Neil wrote the fictional novel; "The Initiate", after reading thousands of books on the mind and the human condition which enabled him to overcome his grief-induced-depression.

In the interview, Ben Neil opens up about his own "dark night of the soul" and how he had battled with ruminating thoughts about ending his life, and shares with the audience how he overcame these detrimental thought patterns through studying the mind and also through his creative outlet of writing. He feels the great change in society that many people are experiencing and as an act of servitude to humanity, he wrote "The Initiate" to help remind the audience of their greater purpose on Earth and that everyone is an integral part of unity consciousness. Unity Consciousness is considered to represent how the way one person feels can have a significant impact on how others are feeling, and that energy is "contagious" for better or worse. Ben aims to uplfit and connect humanity through the art of storytelling and self-actualization. Ben weaves into the book a myriad of page turning themes such as: adventures of quantum time traveling through past lifetimes where the lead characters muster the courage to face existential fears. The book is set between modern day society and ancient Egyptian times. For readers who were a fan of “The Alchemist” they will likely resonate with "The Initiate".

The interview of Ben’s journey that led him to writing "The Initiate" book inspires the reader to reflect on where to take initiative this year and what it means to drop the masks of fear, imposter syndrome, and instead to embody self-compassion and for humanity as a whole.

Please tune in at 2:22 PST on this monumental day of 2.22.2022, for what is considered to be the ultimate “two-getherness” day of collaboration and partnership. It also happens to be the author's birthday on 2.22.2022 and Ben Neil is the Year of the Tiger. Hence he determined this to be the right time to be bold and courageous and share his artwork in the hope of helping others who might be battling with depression or the "dark night of the soul".

Watch the interview here:

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