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Louisiana Patients Can Use Telemedicine Services By TeleLeaf To Access Medical Marijuana Treatment

/EIN News/ -- New Orleans, Feb. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New Orleans, Louisiana -

TeleLeaf offers patients in Louisiana and 13 other states the ability to get approved for medical marijuana from the comfort of their homes via its HIPAA-compliant telemedicine services.

Telemedicine for medical marijuana by TeleLeaf is available six days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT from Monday through Saturday. The company offers same-day appointments, and patients who are approved will have access to their medicine that day.

Medical marijuana opens up a brand new avenue of treatment for patients who suffer from a range of conditions that may have been resistant to traditional drug treatments and therapy programs. Chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other illnesses are just a few of the qualifying conditions that allow patients to choose medical marijuana as a treatment option.

Medical cannabis has been getting tons of attention in the media as of late, and the exposure has led many patients who have suffered from debilitating conditions for a long time to turn to it and its derivative products to get some relief from their symptoms.

There are still hurdles to medical marijuana treatments becoming mainstream. The laws governing medical marijuana vary from state to state, with each state establishing its own list of qualifying conditions—having any of which will qualify a patient to access medical marijuana treatment in the state.

The years of stigma surrounding medical marijuana have made even the states that have legalized its use extremely selective in the medical professionals who are able to recommend it. Not every physician can sign the forms needed to legally access medical cannabis. States also enforce strict requirements on who qualifies for treatment and limit the production and distribution of medical marijuana products for patients.

TeleLeaf has stepped into the current medical marijuana landscape with a mission to take down those barriers to treatment and make it as easy as possible for patients to experience medical marijuana’s many benefits.

The company has created a simple, five-step process for new patients to get started with medical marijuana treatment. All of the consultations with the company’s roster of medical marijuana practitioners are conducted online. The company says that it believes in the convenience and future potential of telemedicine as a whole and has invested significant resources in making sure that patients can seamlessly complete the easy-to-understand process from the security and comfort of home.

First, a patient fills out an intake form from a computer or mobile device. Once the form is filled out, they click "Start My Visit" to be placed in the virtual waiting room. Once their turn arrives, the patient will undergo a phone or video consultation with one of the medical marijuana doctors who partners with TeleLeaf. Every doctor whom patients meet with is an experienced and trained professional who understands the uses, benefits, and even laws involved with medical cannabis. They will discuss and analyze the patient’s symptoms and assess their underlying conditions to determine whether they are a good fit for medical marijuana treatment, then they will see if those conditions qualify the patient for a medical cannabis card in the state they live in.

Once a patient is approved, the doctor’s recommendation will be sent to a pharmacy or dispensary of the patient’s choice in their region. Once the medical marijuana doctor sends that recommendation to the pharmacy, the patient will gain access to all of the medical marijuana products available. As a final step, a consultation will be conducted by a licensed pharmacist to provide a review of available products, assist with product selection and recommend dosing protocols for initial and continued use.

For example, a patient in Louisiana will be directed to one of the licensed pharmacies in the state that have been appointed by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy where patients with a medical cannabis certificate can purchase medical marijuana products. They will make selections based on information provided by a trained pharmacist—they will go into the experience with recommendations based on their conditions—then they will begin their journey into using medical cannabis for relief and healing.

Residents of Louisiana or any other state where TeleLeaf provides its services can apply for a medical marijuana card by heading over to the website. Patients who log into the service from states other than Louisiana will be directed to pharmacies and dispensaries that offer medical marijuana in their own state.


For more information about TeleLeaf, contact the company here:

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