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LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2022 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is ready to help companies grow their business by proactively finding the clients and customers they need. For companies that work directly with other companies, business postal mailing lists are available to make it easier to find the decision-makers within these high-volume organizations.

Various contact lists are available for businesses that offer products and services to the general public. These consumer postal mailing lists cover different geographic and demographic ranges for more precise market targeting that raises the chances of interest, engagement, and response.

The Beginnings Of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing started as a disabled veteran who became the company founder. After completing years in the service, protecting the country, the next phase was to help that same country’s economy to grow. The best way to accomplish that goal was to enable other businesses to find the clients and customers they needed to boost their economic performance. A humble start-up was formed from this core concept that has grown to a company staffed with employees sporting over 50 years of combined total industry experience in the marketing sector.

The direct mail sector was Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing’s entry point into the marketing industry. This was during a transitional period when traditional analog-based marketing techniques were still dominant, but digital platforms were already in the emergence and beginning to show some promise. Working in direct mail proved a lucky one, as it imparted crucial lessons about acquiring data, managing it, and analyzing it for added value. Once digital marketing proved its worth, data management became vital to success. This allowed Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing to enjoy an early mover advantage. It integrated digital marketing services, making an early, significant impact that benefited both the company and its clients.

When Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing first began operations, it served only its hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the company now services the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. For clients that want access to the whole of North America, services are available to enter both the Canada and Mexico markets. Even businesses aspiring to go international can get marketing assistance across the Atlantic with access to databases for European Union nations such as France.

There Is A Change In The Laws, Meaning A Change In Business
Uruguay was the nation in the world to legalize the use of marijuana at the Federal level. Canada became the second nation and the first developed nation to do so. In the United States, the change is also coming, but it’s being done piecemeal. While marijuana technically remains an illegal substance at the federal level, different states have the authority to grant their legal status to the meaning, similar to how abortion is federally approved in the United States. Still, states have the power to control how accessible it is in their local jurisdictions.
As a result, marijuana is, in bits and pieces, slowly becoming a legalized substance in many parts of the United States, and even conservative states are gradually changing their stance as a younger, less drug-averse generation influences the voting demographics in these areas. In other words, marijuana use is not only becoming more widespread in the United States; it is becoming legal in many of those states, which means that a vast range of different businesses can now enter this market either directly or tangentially with those businesses that choose to focus on this industry.

The Legal Status
Depending on the state, marijuana use may be legally used for recreational purposes, identically to cigarettes or alcohol. Other states, however, may legally designate marijuana as a strictly medical substance, meaning that it can technically only be legally acquired and used with a prescription from a doctor.

In both cases, however, the actual sale of marijuana is no longer restricted, meaning that legitimate businesses can open, operate and freely sell marijuana products. The only distinction comes with whether they may sell marijuana products to the public, recreational items, or medical items for a more select consumer. Of course, even in states where marijuana is considered a medical substance, a doctor’s recommendation for treating pain or stress is a relatively straightforward diagnosis to acquire. With marijuana proving to be an effective pain and stress manager with fewer side-effects than some traditional synthetic pharmaceuticals, it is sometimes even the preferred treatment method, making it even more friendly and accessible to the public.

The Two Sides To Marijuana
As marijuana usage becomes more accessible, it is now becoming clear that as a substance, it falls into roughly two categories, with some overlap. Users of marijuana are interested primarily in either the effects of THC or CBD, which have two different purposes.

Technically known as tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana. This is the substance traditionally associated with marijuana’s “high,” often affecting emotions, creating a sense of euphoria, and distorting the physical intentions. The THC component is most responsible for the hallucinatory aspects attributed to marijuana and the “inebriation” effect, affecting judgment, inhibition, and even perception of sensory input, such as a distortion of the sense of time.

This is the recreational aspect of marijuana for many, although THC has sometimes been used in medical research as an alternative form of treatment for some types of mental disorders. Anxiety, psychosis, and even depression have all responded to THC treatments.

Medically referred to as cannabidiol, CBD is more commonly regarded as the “medicinal” aspect of marijuana and is a popular, safe, and effective medical alternative to many traditional pharmaceutical solutions. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and thus has no psychotropic properties. There is no “high” component to CBD. Instead, what CBD provides to marijuana users is a depressant factor, neutralizing both pain and lower anxiety.

CBD is an effective medical treatment, which is one reason why its usefulness in medical situations is now becoming far more widespread. As a naturally occurring, non-synthetic substance, it is prone to far fewer side effects than synthetic solutions formulated in a lab. CBD has become so helpful that it is now prescribed for pain management in cancer patients, as an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication for people with emotional disorders, and its anti-inflammatory properties, a treatment for arthritis and muscular pain relief. It is even used as a treatment for pain management in animals. The American Kennel Club, for example, widely and officially promotes the use of CBD as a safe way to help improve the quality of life for older dogs subject to arthritis and other painful conditions.

A Growing Market
Because of the two very different uses for marijuana components, different kinds of marijuana dispensaries and head shops have opened throughout the country. Retail outlets are no longer confined to just selling the paraphernalia of marijuana usage, although that market sector still exists. Now, marijuana can be sold on its own, in its raw state, for general recreational use, or it can be distilled into the specific desired components for THC only, CBD only, or mixes of the two elements in different ratios, depending on the target market.

The method of consumption for marijuana has also expanded dramatically. At one time, the most common form of consumption was smoking marijuana itself, either directly or through a water pipe or “bong.” In some cases, it was also mixed in with baked goods. Today, however, in addition to selling marijuana in its traditional raw form, it can also be prepared in various edibles, from baked goods to candy and chocolate, and designed for use with electronic cigarettes.
This vastly broadens the audience and specific usages of marijuana. This means that a marijuana dispensary or headshop now has many different business and marketing needs depending on the market they want to appeal to their products and services.

For different products and services, the range of offerings to a marijuana dispensary and head shop owners and head shop owners is as varied as:

Construction & Interior Decorating
Because these are now legitimate businesses offering a range of products, marijuana dispensaries and head shop owners must now consider their “curb appeal” to the average consumer or the target market they desire to appeal to. A medical dispensary, for example, must present a clinical, professional storefront with the same feel as a medical clinic or a pharmacy and must have a storefront and interior decorating consistent with that.
On the other hand, an upscale, recreational premium marijuana dispensary must maintain a more expensive premium appearance in furnishing and interior decorating. Shelves and counters must be carefully considered. Color schemes and architecture are now more significant factors.

Retail Infrastructure
Now that marijuana sales are transitioning from cash-only transactions on the street to everyday purchases at retail outlets, the appropriate transaction infrastructure is required. Marijuana dispensary and head shop owners must be prepared to handle the same financial exchanges as any other legitimate business, including the traditional handling of cash with change, debit cards that withdraw funds directly from an account, credit card purchases, and even cryptocurrency.

This equipment must be purchased or leased for these businesses to thrive.

Financial Products & Services
As with any business, marijuana dispensary and head shop owners must now consider their venture's financial management side. Profits are now subject to the same regulation and taxation as any other legitimate business, and accurate financial management is essential for tax and payroll purposes.
Financial services like accounting, banking, and even insurance considerations such as liability insurance or even health coverage for employees are all on the table. Loans and other financial products may also be required for expansion and growth.

Marijuana Sales Have A Large Demographic Range
With marijuana dispensary and head shop owners opening and operating outlets all over the country, different marketing opportunities are available if the proper owners can be contacted. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has the marijuana dispensary and head shop owner lists that let businesses target the specific markets they are looking for.
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has contacts available for every geographic need. These databases have been meticulously collected and, more importantly, verified to ensure they are legitimate, current, and active. To ensure relevancy and complete available details, every contact has been verified by telephone.

The database for marijuana dispensary and head shop owners is available across a variety of areas, for national reach, or targeting a specific region, such as the Pacific Northwest, or targeting a particular state, if there’s a desire to only reach out to areas where recreational use is legal, for example.

Different contact points are also available, so clients don’t have to rely on only one type of marketing approach or response. Mailing addresses are always available, but email addresses are necessary for digital marketing. It’s even possible to use SMS/texting-based marketing with access to cellular phone numbers.

For businesses that want actual hands-on experience in a direct mail campaign but have never tried one before, turnkey direct mail solutions can be provided. This process takes clients through every step of the immediate mail process with comprehensive guidance. Every step occurs under one roof, from conception to planning and design, manufacturing materials, and finally distributing them. This eliminates the everyday need to source and vets different vendors for the different stages.

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