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Alex James Slowing Down Fast Fashion

Alex James Slowing Down Fast Fashion

Fashion is an area of life providing jobs to many, but also abuses and impacts in the environment and human rights when dealt with as “fast fashion”

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, February 17, 2022 / -- A lot is always being said about fashion, an area of life that provides jobs to many, be it in manufacturing, distributions, marketing, sales, modelling, etc. But it is also a field not free from abuses and impacts in the environment and human rights when dealt with as “fast fashion” as called by Documentary director Ben Akers in his film “Slowing Down Fast Fashion”.

We usually think of glamour, style, and comfort when thinking of fashion. Yet, most of us never give the origins, much less the afterlife, of our clothes a second thought. “Slowing Down Fast Fashion”, a documentary that has been broadcast in Scientology Network among other on-demand channels, aims to change that and makes its case with a startling and incisive exposé into the social and environmental costs of disposable clothing.

In this documentary, Alex James, bassist for the British pop band Blur, journeys from the high street shops in London and New York to the sweatshops and garbage dumps of Southeast Asia, where synthetic materials used for much of today’s clothes create giant toxic pools, in an attempt to understand the human and environmental consequences of the seemingly insatiable desire for cheap clothes. But ultimately, the film is about solutions and presents a clear and convincing path forward.

Alex James’ “Slowing Down Fast Fashion” is a surprisingly entertaining take on a severe problem. The multi-award-winning documentary offers a revealing look into the practices of the fashion industry and the dire consequences of their cheap, disposable clothing while providing solutions on creating a more sustainable and just model.

And walking on the same line Ben Akers, meaning, producing quality and responsible fashion there are more and more people in the industry. There is an increasing number of entrepreneurs creating fashion that last and that cares not only for the body of those wearing it but also those who produce from beginning to end. You find more and more fashion artists who want to create sustainable products contributing to taking care of the environment, improving the lives of others by creating jobs, and still making aesthetics stick out, uplifting the state of mind of people around the world.

Among those, in the Scientology.TV website you find George Kalajian, the industry’s go-to expert for pleating, the renowned women’s shoe designer Chie Mihara from Spain, or the wedding dress haute couture designer Laura Monge. All three have explained in interviews how Scientology, developed by L. Ron Hubbard, has helped them make their passion for fashion their way of living while contributing to their communities in quantities many don’t even suspect.

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