The Learn to Earn Revolution Comes to Crypto with the Launch of Innovative, Social-Conscious LustCoins Project

Lust’s learning platform aims to combat sexual abuse and violence by paying investors to learn more about their signs and effects

Lust aims to transform the future of online education and the possibilities of crypto by paying students for learning via a Learn to Earn model.”
— LustCoins Official
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, February 15, 2022 / -- As cryptocurrency's popularity is on the rise, creators have been exploring innovative new uses for blockchain that give investors new ways to earn. Gaming creators have significantly aided in the growth of crypto as they've leveraged the blockchain to entice gamers and investors with Play to Earn projects. And while many of these projects have been lucrative, some creators wonder of their sustainability.

One group of such skeptical innovators has now launched a new, more sustainable approach to using the financial power of the blockchain, disrupting the prevalent Play to Earn model with its Learn to Earn approach.

LustCoins is a next-generation crypto project that puts the power of blockchain to use for social good as well as profits. The project was founded on the mission of creating a safe environment for everyone to receive professional education about the causes, consequences and preventative measures of sexual abuse, discrimination against LGBTQ groups, violence and body shaming via a certified sexologist. Through its digital learning platform, Lust Academy, community members earn crypto as they learn about these issues in the form of the project's own LUST token.

In addition to giving investors and members of its community a chance to earn while they learn, the platform offers a safe environment for creators of adult content a more open environment to share their art, stories, video content and more. Unlike other platforms and the adult entertainment industry at large, Lust prohibits illegal content and practices such as sex trafficking in its content. It also supports a healthier view of sex and adult relationships by welcoming content that depicts real, everyday adult bodies and relationships versus the idealized images that are pervasive in today's adult industry.

Lust’s project also includes a strong social and charitable element with its commitment to donating profits to charities and projects most in need. The project’s tokenomics allow flexibility in its giving so that the Lust team can impact the people and projects that need assistance the most at any given time.

“Online education has been on the rise over the past few years but has especially exploded in light of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said a LustCoins official. "Lust aims to transform the future of online education and the possibilities of crypto by paying students for learning via a Learn to Earn model instead of contributing to the negative social and emotional impacts of today’s Play to Earn gaming culture. And as we aim to tackle one of today’s most pressing issues in our Lust Academy, early detection and intervention sexual abuse or violence, we anticipate our project will continue to garner unprecedented support from investors and NGOs who are eager to support social change.”

The Lust project team recently came to a partnership agreement with key NGOs in Australia and is negotiating with several other communities across the globe. Project creators anticipate Lust will be listed on 20 ranked exchanges in February and March, offering great news for holders and fans as new agreements and listings will bring attention to the project and bolster its success.

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