Floyd Mayweather's TMT Racing Partners with Momento NFT to Bring NASCAR to the Metaverse

Floyd Mayweather by Tom Pennington, Getty Images

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NASCAR meets the metaverse

The NFT social network gives both Mayweather and other influencers new opportunities to create and monetize through the uncharted territories of Web 3.0

I love fast cars and I love to compete. I know NASCAR will not be easy, but anything easy isn’t worth doing to me.”
— Floyd Mayweather
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Momento NFT, a direct-to-fan NFT social network that allows fans and collectors to own the best moments from content creators, today announced its partnership with boxing legend and global entrepreneur Floyd Mayweather. Through the partnership, Mayweather’s lifestyle brand TMT racing will collaborate with Momento NFT to bring NASCAR to the metaverse and empower creators to explore the untapped potential of Web 3.0.

Momento NFT capitalizes on the immeasurable power of experiences. Content creators who capture experiences can turn them into NFTs and monetize them, allowing their fans to own a piece of the moment.

As Momento NFT expands its global reach and builds its network of content creators and fans, it is committed to offering fans access to moments they may otherwise not be able to experience while giving its creators opportunities to transition into the unexplored reaches of the web.

NASCAR and the world of auto racing is one of these opportunities that has yet been fully explored via NFTs. Through his partnership with Momento NFT, Mayweather dives headfirst into the world of NFTs to bring one of the world's most popular and lucrative sports to the metaverse.

"I love fast cars, and I love to compete," said Mayweather. "I know NASCAR will not be easy, but anything easy isn’t worth doing to me. With that being said, this move into auto racing seems to be a perfect fit for the Mayweather brand.”

“Momento NFT is thrilled to welcome Floyd Mayweather and his TMT racing brand to the metaverse,” said Julian Rodriguez, CEO of Momento NFT. “The synergies in this partnership are clear. One of the most influential figures of our era is transitioning to something new and never explored. Likewise, Momento NFT is helping influencers transition into something new and never explored—Web 3.0."

Before Momento NFT’s launch, creators had to rely on traditional social media channels to monetize their work through paid advertising and growing their likes and shares. Momento NFT removes these challenges and saves creators time by giving them a consolidated platform through which they can own, control, and monetize their content.

To learn more about Momento NFT, visit https://momentonft.com/.

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