Ecency Adds Decentralized Token Exchange Feature

The platform enables content creators to have true ownership and control over their account and communities.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2022 / -- Ecency is pleased to announce it has created a decentralized token exchange feature that aims to change the landscape of content creation and true ownership.

Ecency is a decentralized, next generation social media platform built and powered by people. The platform rewards communities and creators from around the world through Web 3.0 technology that aims to give creators the right to free speech – void of any censorship or banning. Through Ecency, users can control their own accounts, content, and communities without fear of shadow bans, blocking, or being deleted.

In its most recent news, Ecency has added a brand-new feature to its already popular platform – a decentralized token exchange feature. This feature will give content creators the option to trade their earned tokens in a decentralized and trustless manner, making it one of the most innovative blockchain features to date.

“With the help of our amazing community, Ecency is growing and becoming a hub of rewarding communities where true freedom of speech can flourish with true ownership,” says CEO and Founder of Ecency, Feruz Muradov. “This enables a rewarding, yet fun, way to engage, learn, and grow together. Through Ecency, creators can set it (ideas, communities, thoughts) free and be free. Not only that, but they can also now trade their own tokens, too.”

Ecency brings a host of incredible features and benefits to content creators and consumers looking for a new way to share, make money from their work and learn new things, including:

· True ownership and control of account and community through powerful blockchain technology
· Eliminate fear of having content deleted, banned, or shut down
· Rewards for content creators and content curators/consumers
· Global reach and global community that growth together
· Ability for content creators to trade tokens they earn in a decentralized and peer to peer manner
· Easy onboarding
· Educational communities for people to learn more about things that interest them
· Option for creators to empower their community
· And much more

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About Ecency

Ecency is a Web 3.0 decentralized, blockchain-based open source for tech talents, developers, creators, and entrepreneurs. The platform started out in 2016 with simple mobile application that would revolutionize the way users interact and create, build, engage online. With time, this idea grew to something much bigger and, since then, the platform has been continuing to build for Web 3.0 and improve its blockchain-based social network, making sure apps are as accessible as possible, secure and in many languages the world speaks.

Ecency believes that blockchain technology will revolutionize social media and free speech, as well as finance.

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