Shedding Light on Mental Health, NYC Affirmative Psychotherapy Founder Builds and Co-directs NYU New Social Work Program

Aaron Skinner-Spain

Our goal is to fill a gap in mental health services provided to those that are historically marginalized and disenfranchised; we are especially committed to serving queer communities of color.”
— NYC Affirmative Psychotherapy
NEW YORK , NEW YORK , UNITED STATES , February 8, 2022 / -- As a sustainable sliding scale mental health clinic located in Manhattan, NYC Affirmative Psychotherapy provides affirmative psychotherapy to the LGBTTQQIAAP + and BIPOC community.

Built upon the firm belief that human beings grow when they are allowed the space, the support, and understanding of another party, they make it their mission to make these individuals feel listened to.

Formed by a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds, they aim to celebrate the strength and courage of the people who knock on their doors. Acknowledging the hardships they might have faced growing up, they celebrate their continuous efforts to show up for themselves and create a brighter future.

Many of their current and prospective clients come from a challenging upbringing that later bled into their adult lives. Traumatic experiences, paired with systemic oppression, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, and ableism, are non-negligible factors that affect one’s mental health.

“Our goal is to fill a gap in mental health services provided to those that are historically marginalized and disenfranchised; we are especially committed to serving queer communities of color. We also strive to be culturally aware and trauma-informed. And, most importantly, we’re here to help you feel better and make a change,” states the NYC Affirmative Psychotherapy mission statement.

Taking a significant step towards a more inclusive future, their founder and executive director, Aaron Skinner-Spain, created NYU’s newest online certificate program, Trauma-Informed Clinical Practice, and features as its Co-Director.

A certified psychoanalyst and psychoanalytic training supervisor at the Training Institute for Mental Health, he is also a graduate of Cornell University and received his MSW degree at the NYU Silver School of Social Work.

As the recipient of the National Association of Social Workers New York City Emerging Leadership Award for his work with the LGBTQIA+ community, he is now pouring his efforts into this opportunity to offer mental health professionals the necessary critical trauma training needed.

His program, launching amid a global pandemic, will be striving to be both comprehensive and intersectional in its scope, given the current movements for racial justice.

“As this program aims to expand knowledge and understanding of trauma-informed practices, applicants with an MSW or Master’s Degree in a related human services field are encouraged to apply,” states the course description.

Broadening the scope of their work, NYC Affirmative proves once again that their dedication to mental health issues is incontestable.

This partnership with NYU Silver School of Social Work illustrates the significance and need of their work in the community which they serve.

Aaron and his colleagues are in full throttle to change their field, leaving no one behind.

If this course is of interest, click here to read more and visit NYC Affirmative Psychotherapy to see the scope of their service.

About NYC Affirmative Psychotherapy

Located in Manhattan, New York, NYC Affirmative Psychotherapy is a mental health clinic dedicated to serving the LGBTTQQIAAP + community, providing treatment to individual adults ages 18+. They accompany their clients as they take the following steps to make positive changes.

About NYU Silver School of Social Work

NYU Silver School of Social Work is a premier locus for research and education of professional social workers, offering undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degree programs.

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