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Mix Safer launches the New Bitcoin Mixer that comes with unique features

Mix Safer platform allows to mix its investors coins in different transactions, and the result becomes untraceable. It has lately launched a new Bitcoin Mixer that provides complete Bitcoin anonymity.

/EIN News/ -- Craiova, Romania, Feb. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain WireMix Safer is an anonymization service that protects the privacy of Bitcoin users when they use the bitcoin blockchain. Clients can enter their Bitcoin forward to address on their website, actual mode payment, and start mixing the Bitcoins. Their fully automated system does not store logs or information used in transactions. They intend to give their users the latest anti-tracking technology. 

Mix Safer has launched a new Bitcoin Mixer that provides complete Bitcoin anonymity in the recent development. Hackers or any other user on the blockchain cannot obtain your bitcoin address from your operations. Many people want to mix Bitcoin to get better protection. Mixsafer allows its users to confuse the trace of their coins; in this way, they can keep their Bitcoins safe without worrying about anyone else tracking them.

The mixer runs the user's coins through a mixing process, taking their bitcoins and randomly sending the new ones from a random Bitcoin address that has no connection to told address. Once the deposit BTC is on the mixer, the service sets a time delay and, once it expires, sends new bitcoins to their withdrawal address.

The algorithm takes the best of existing bitcoin mixers. It has been developed for the complete anonymization of bitcoin; the ability to receive BTC from the most prestigious world currency exchanges has been added. Bitcoin mixer orders do not carry a tracking order or identification, nor do they mix the client's assets in one or more funds. The use of mixing codes is also not necessary. Their approach is different and involves the highest level of anonymity.

Mixer Safer do not store logs; all information necessary for transaction processing is deleted immediately after completion of work and confirmation of the transaction or beyond the expiration of the address life for non-executed requests. The Mix Safer's service is operational 24 hours a day, every day of the week, fully automated to give their users continuous support and maintain the anonymity of their cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, their service provides "Letters of Guarantee," which digitally sign shows the obligation of 100% of their service to mix bitcoin with their clients. They must keep these letters of guarantee until the end of the mixing service to give them the added security of dealing with any disputes that may arise.

Using a BTC mixer is an active solution to keep privacy safe. Many people forget that cryptocurrencies are not anonymous as they would like to believe. Instead, they are pseudonyms. If a person can connect his wallet to her identity, he will know everything about her finances.

Potential Users must visit the Mix Safer official website for more details. To connect with the community, join Telegram and Reddit

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