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Resume Professional Writers Outlined Their Resume Writing Guidelines 2022

RPW Resume Writing Guidelines 2022

RPW Resume Writing Guidelines 2022

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RPW's latest resume writing standards for 2022 to keep ahead of the growing employment, as the recruiting process is becoming rigorous.

TORRANCE, CALIFIORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2022 / -- Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 199,000, but the unemployment rate remained unchanged. The United States' unemployment rate has dropped to 3.9 percent in December 2021, according to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. As of date, labor demand is expected to continue high, boosting hiring even though the pandemic is still the most serious threat to pulling employees off employment.

Despite the fact that the unemployment rate has been declining for months, the labor force participation rate has barely changed. Employers are struggling to recruit skilled workers as job postings remain substantially above pre-pandemic levels. Modern hiring processes need to adapt, with many small- and medium-sized businesses still seeking to fill jobs the way they did a decade ago. The volume of applicants who do not have knowledge of resume writing fundamentals is high. This reinforces the key role of resume writing companies as a solution to the labor shortage.

Needless to say, things have evolved and the resume and hiring process are always changing as well. In line with this, Resume Professional Writers (RPW) has redesigned the way resumes are written for the modern recruitment process.

On top of the changing recruitment process, seasoned writers from RPW held a resume writing standardization training to enrich their knowledge of the hiring trends. The company’s expert resume writers have a competitive edge in writing interview-generating application tools. This also includes incorporating additional information on the resumes such as social media and professional LinkedIn profiles and hypertext links to digital portfolio, and among others. Aside from this, RPW has evolved in terms of resume format and layout. Each resume differs based on the objective, which allows for a systemic personalized touch, from content to formatting.

To detail the changes in resume standards that will surely make their clients the perfect hire, RPW reiterates the use of colors and borders in resume for a standard resume. On the other hand, an ATS-optimized resume—which applicants submit to Fortune 1000 companies—must be simple in layout with only keywords serving as unique selling proposition. In terms of the resume’s content section, it is tailor-fit for each role using targeted keywords, skills, and achievements relevant to the target position of their client.

In addition, RPW’s seasoned resume writers represent their client’s abilities, education, experience, and other attributes graphically in a creative resume. To make reading and understanding of the content easier, creative resumes frequently utilize minimum text, appealing colors, unusual fonts, and visually appealing layouts.

Projecting the normalization of work environment, Lawrence Weiss, marketing director of Resume Professional Writers attested to the quality of service they provide. "We might have started as a straightforward resume-writing service, but that's not all we do today. Thanks to our team of experts, RPW can now provide supplementary services to complement your job application. You can even have a look at your resume template before taking on our services." He said.

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Based on client feedback, the company has consistently maintained a 96% annual satisfaction rating. This acclaim has allowed RPW to gain a loyal clientele, which is being bolstered by an increasing number of repeat customers, referrals, and new consumers who believe in their ability to provide outstanding outcomes. RPW’s resume writing services and other job search tool offerings have helped numerous hopefuls land employment at Fortune 1000 companies, including Apple and Tesla.

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