Land Betterment Exchange (LBX Token) The Birth of An Environmental Gold Rush

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Land Betterment Exchange

A positive financial incentive to clean up the environment and drive communities and the workforce forward.

FISHERS, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2022 / -- Land Betterment Exchange (“LBX Token”) believe the future for change is now, Is it a dream or is it the future. We will see but the Land Betterment Exchange, the LBX Token, believes it will happen when the environmental community and carbon offset market puts their momentum behind a cause that could supercharge the physical cleanup of the land that once provided our energy needs from fossil fuels. The difference here is the communities that have been so dramatically impacted through the transition to alternative energy from fossil fuels could be the beneficiary of high paying sustainable jobs and a better environment / landscape to appreciate.

The days of living among idled and decaying dinosaur fossil fuel facilities that are rusting in place along with a slow and painful loss of jobs in the area has been the unfortunate truth of these communities. The wealth class (inclusive of the fossil fuel landowners themselves in the community) have pulled their money from the communities leaving little to no financial resources left for the communities to transition forward. These private equity funds pillaged the land for profits sending their capital to New York, Connecticut, Washington DC, Florida, etc. while their operators filed bankruptcy and left the land a battered war zone with little to no funds available to reclaim the earth and leave the community with future opportunity.

The LBX token has an opportunity to change this for the better through the launch of a positive financial incentive model that will reward reclaiming the land and create sustainable jobs for the local community. With the launch of the LBX token we see a ray of light that could turn very quickly into a bright sunny day. The world is changing for the better and finally focusing on the community first, focusing on bettering the lives of the local families that are trying to put food on the plates of their children. The LBX solution is built based on prosperity for all.

The solution that has been built based on providing a positive incentive to environmental remediation, rewarding those that actually perform the physical environmental cleanup and make the area a better place to live (a complete oppositive of the past norms of the government penalizing and fining companies for not being able to do the cleanup). The LBX solution could drive billions of dollars of investment back into these rural distressed communities and by doing so create high paying jobs through the first positive incentive based model of environmentalism and job creation.

What is the innovation? A blockchain utility based token, the Land Betterment Exchange (LBX), is commercialize environmentalism in a platform where all parties win and incentivizes people looking to clean up these abandoned fossil fuel properties. The model and audited environmental offsets that were built to create a market that rewards companies, individuals and environmental sponsors alike to clean up and reclaim fossil fuel sites and in return they will receive tokens that can be used to buy goods and services as well as trade on an exchange. LBX and Bitcoin have many similarities but the main difference is the only energy being consumed in the “mining” of LBX tokens is the community getting paid livable wages to physically return the earth back to its original clean state. The grit, desire and might of the people to make their communities a better place by being employed to plant trees, put the dirt back and create a beautiful place to live again.

About Land Betterment Exchange
Land Betterment Exchange (LBX) is an environmentally driven token that creates a financial incentive and trading market to pull forward environmental cleanup and transition away from fossil fuels while providing new sustainable jobs for the local community. Land Betterment Exchange has engaged Land Betterment Corporation, an Indiana Benefit Corporation and Pending B-Corp, as its token issuance partner to ensure that integrity of the token issuance process is adhered to. Land Betterment Corporation and Land Betterment Exchange both firmly believe that with real solutions it is possible for restoration of impacted areas to live side-by-side long term employment, while building sustainable and safe surroundings for communities and our planet. For more information visit or connect with the Company on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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