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Casey Askar Discusses the Changes in the Commercial Real Estate Market

Casey Askar understands just how important it is to find the right business partners and employees

Casey Askar understands just how important it is to find the right business partners and employees

Casey Askar discussed the changes in the commercial real estate market

NAPLES, FL, USA, February 7, 2022 / -- There is nothing more fulfilling than building a business from the ground up. People realize that they have more motivation if they are working for themselves and have an idea they are passionate about. Unfortunately, a lot of startups will not make it through the first year. Therefore, it is important for those looking to start a new business to identify some of their biggest challenges ahead of time. Casey Askar is a former United States Marine who has built his own business from the ground up. There are several significant challenges that all start-up companies face.

A Lack of Business Capital

One of the biggest challenges that startup companies face is a lack of capital. Most small business owners start by funding their business with their own savings. Unfortunately, this is usually not enough money. Eventually, startup owners need to find capital elsewhere. Perhaps they need to bring in a new business partner. Maybe they need to ask family members and friends for a loan. Sometimes, startup business owners need to pitch to outside investors. Without enough capital, startup business owners will have a difficult time getting their products and services off the ground. Even crowdfunding can be an option.

Difficulty Finding the Right People

There is a saying that it is hard to find good help these days. Casey Askar understands just how important it is to find the right business partners and employees. Right now, the United States economy is going through something called the Great Resignation. There is a record number of job openings available, and many people are quitting their jobs to do something else. Therefore, startup company owners might have a difficult time finding talented employees. Casey Askar understands the importance of incentivizing new hires. Competitive retirement packages, health insurance, and extra vacation days can lure in new employees. 

Time Management Is a Must

Finally, time management must be a priority for any start-up business owner. Casey Askar understands just how much time it takes to build a successful business. Many people who start their own company do not understand just how much time they need to spend. Some small business owners have to miss out on family events, vacations, and time with friends. While it is important to strike the right work-life balance, a business will not build itself. Small business owners need to be willing to work overtime to launch a successful company in the present environment. 

Building a Successful Business in the Modern Era

These are a few of the biggest challenges that startup companies face. Even though the business world is changing quickly, it is also becoming more competitive. Many people are looking to go into business for themselves, and this is flooding the country with a lot of new startup businesses. Not all of them are going to survive, particularly with how competitive most industries have become. Therefore, those who want to start their own business need to have a cohesive plan in place. Remember that startup owners do not have to go through this alone. There are professionals willing to lend a helping hand.

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