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Altenew, NY-Based Paper Crafting Company, Brings Joy to Seniors Across the Country by Donating 500+ Watercolor Sets

Products donated by Altenew to Zakat Foundation of America

Donations from Altenew to Zakat Foundation of America

Recipients of Altenew's Donations

Zakat Foundation of America representative present Altenew's donation of watercolor pan sets to senior centers and assisted living centers in North Carolina.

Recipients of Altenew's Donations

Recipients of Altenew's Donations

Over 500 Altenew watercolor sets found new homes with seniors across the United States this month in a special collaboration with Zakat Foundation of America.

The idea of service, making someone's day is universal. I hope we continue supporting nonprofits in a way that’s meaningful [and] reminds us of why we’re in business and in existence with each other.”
— Nabil Rab, CEO of Altenew
SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, USA, January 28, 2022 / -- Seniors in North Carolina, Delaware, and California had a pleasant surprise during the holidays this year when NY-based paper crafting company, Altenew LLC, donated over 500 watercolor paint sets to senior centers and assisted living facilities. Altenew collaborated with internationally renowned humanitarian organization Zakat Foundation of America for this special community service project.

Altenew LLC, a high-end paper crafting company based out of Syracuse, NY, has quickly become known for its exceptional stamping and cardmaking supplies. However, in addition to its unique layering stamps, dies, artist markers, and other products, Altenew has become known for its charitable efforts locally and internationally. Particularly during the pandemic, Altenew has been on the forefront of donating money, supplies, and motivational cards to help countless individuals feel less isolated during the rise of Covid-19. Giving back to communities has always been a primary goal for the company, and was especially emphasized during the pandemic.

“This time can be extremely stressful and it is important now more than ever to connect as a community and work to spread joy,” shared Altenew Co-Founder Tasmin Ahmed during the first wave of the pandemic.

Community service has taken on many different forms for the Altenew team throughout the years. In the past, the paper crafting company has designed stamp sets in honor of diversity, frontline workers, and other noteworthy causes. Proceeds from the sales of these products have gone to directly support these causes. Honoring seniors has always been a top Altenew priority ever since its inception in 2014. The company hosts an annual parent card drive, mobilizing paper crafters all across the country to send in handmade cards to distribute to senior centers and assisted living facilities. Altenew incentivizes crafters by offering giveaway prizes and social media publicity. However, sharing handmade crafty love with others is a common passion that the majority of Altenew customers share and they willingly send hundreds, if not thousands, of handmade cards every year.

Altenew CEO, Nabil Rab, pushes his team to come up with ideas to give back to their communities and develop relationships with community organizers. He strives to find a deeper meaning when running his business, encouraging crafters to use their passion to bring joy to others.

“I think the idea of service, the idea of giving back, the idea of making someone's day is universal. That's not something that’s dependent just on paper crafting. I think it can be done in any industry. And I hope that we continue supporting nonprofits in a way that’s meaningful, in a way that reminds us of why we’re in business, that reminds us why we are in existence with each other, in terms of just being human beings.” -Nabil Rab, CEO of Altenew

When it came to sharing a fan-favorite product with seniors across the country for this month’s charity campaign, picking the Artists’ Watercolor 24 Pan Set was a no-brainer. In terms of quality, the Artists’ Watercolor 24 Pan Set is the best watercolor set in the Altenew shop and highly rated on the market. Crafters and artists worldwide have raved about the beauty of this set in creating stunning watercolor art. Watercoloring has increasingly become a form of relaxation and is considered by many as a positive mental health practice. Altenew has hosted an annual Watercolor Therapy Blog Hop to inspire crafters to find joy through coloring and watercoloring.

The watercolor paint sets provide seniors, even those who may not consider themselves to be artists, with an opportunity to express their creativity, and engage in a soothing activity during a stressful time. According to a Zakat Foundation of America representative, Altenew has given seniors a “platform to create beautiful memories.” This inspiring story is a testament to the beauty of coming together as a community and that simple gestures can bring joy to the world.

Nabil Rab
Altenew CEO
+1 315-967-2003

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