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Jeremy Berman says that Social Media is the New Art Gallery for Unknown Artists

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Jeremy Berman

Jeremy uses his art and passion for photography as an escape from the stresses of a busy life.

FINDLAY, OHIO, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2022 / --

Findlay, Ohio artist, businessman, prosthetic practitioner, orthotic practitioner, and pedorthotic provider, Jeremy Berman is excited about the use of social media as a new medium for the display of art. He is looking forward to sharing his photographs for others to view and experience.

Jeremy uses his art and passion for photography as an escape from the stresses of a busy life. Owner of Findlay American Prosthetic – Orthotic Centre, Inc, Jeremy is a graduate of Northwest Medical Center in Chicago. He spends most of his days managing his businesses, including a storage facility, and providing care for his patients. Spare time is photography and family time.

Being part of the artistic community, Jeremy is excited about the new uses of social media for small, local artists. According to Jeremy, "Social media sites allow an artist to bypass the need for art galleries as a way to sell their works. Art galleries can be a poor option for a small artist. The gallery has to first accept the works and agree to show them. If one is sold, a large commission to the gallery takes a big chunk out of what the artist earns. "Starving artist" is a term that galleries have done a great job of keeping alive."

Jeremy Berman says that art has moved online to sites like Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is a great medium due to the lack of words and a focus on the art itself. The global art market is valued at $50 billion but has seen a drop of $14 billion in 2020. This is possibly due to fewer people socializing and visiting art galleries and shows in favor of staying home to protect themselves from Covid-19. The online art market doubled in that same period from $6 billion to $12 billion and that momentum looks likely to continue.

Often, social media displays will link to the artist's website so that potential customers may view the full range of works by that artist. Small artists can mimic what has become the 3rd largest sales channel for galleries, replacing art fairs. Establishing a website is easy and inexpensive. Once linked to their Instagram, traffic is easily driven to the site for those wanting to price or to purchase a work. A 3% credit card fee to process sales through Stripe is far more attractive than a 50% commission to an art gallery.

One challenge for artists displaying their works on social media is attracting new followers. Software and services exist to help, but the best way is still the old-fashioned way; have friends and family share your work on their social media pages.

Jeremy Berman shares his enthusiasm with many artists wanting to increase their visibility, stating, "Honestly, I am just happy when more of my friends and family get to view my work and social media does that for me."

Social media has become the new way to share and sell an artist's work. Maybe the term "starving artist" won't be needed as much anymore.

Jeremy Berman
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