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LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2022 / -- Las Vegas, Nevada, (01/23/2022) Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is here to help a broad spectrum of different business interests to grow their revenue. For companies focused more on the business-to-business sectors, postal mailing lists are here to ensure these high-volume clients are matched to the appropriate corporate product or service.

Companies directed at the general consumer market will need access to an extensive contact list, which is available with numerous consumer postal mailing lists on offer. These cover various geographic and demographic needs to ensure businesses reach the areas they want and the specific customer type they are hoping to engage.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing & Its Start
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing began life as the idea of a disabled veteran who took on the role of the company founder. Having spent years in the service of keeping the American people safe, the next step was to encourage the growth of the American economy. The best way to do that was to join the industry as a business focused on helping other companies to grow. From that idea, a core group of employees has now grown to a staff with over 50 years of combined total experience in the marketing industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing’s first forays into marketing started with direct mail, an effective technique that remains heavily used even in today’s digital era. At the time, however, digital marketing had not yet moved into widespread use, so through direct mail, crucial lessons in database collection, organization, and analytics played an essential role in the company’s success. Those lessons were even more relevant once data-based digital marketing finally came into its own, allowing Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing to take an early lead in the digital marketing arena and bring its clients along for the rise to success.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has expanded well past its initial operating sphere of the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, to encompass the entire United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. It also services North America with marketing lists for both Mexico and Canada. Even American clients wishing to expand to international markets can benefit from lists that cross the Atlantic to European Union nations like France.

Change Means Opportunity
High school students entering college are typically in the 18-20 age range, depending on whether they are going into college directly from high school graduation or taking a year or two off as a break before committing to post-secondary education. Regardless of the age, however, one thing is sure. A young American entering college for the first time is also entering a new phase of life that will often mean drastic lifestyle changes. For many, this will signal to establish their independent lifestyle for the first time, making their lifestyle, recreational and financial decisions without always needing to clear it with parents first.

This encompasses a vast swathe of different young Americans from various walks of life. Some will be affluent American children going to good schools based on financial support from wealthy parents. Others will be teenagers that scored high in academics or sports and will be entering college on the strength of their achievements, rewarded with scholarships, grants, and bursaries. Many others will be entering college through a combination of jobs, savings are given to them by parents for this phase of their life, and student loans that may also entail their first significant encounter with debt management.

Because so many decisions and lifestyle changes are coming, this demographic represents a massive sea change of marketing opportunity. Any change in life opens a person up to new marketing possibilities from different businesses, but the sheer number of changes and transitions a first-year college student will be making in such a short period is a rare chance of marketing interests of many kinds, including:

Consumer Electronics
Consumer electronics are a staple of any lifestyle, young or old. Still, for a high school student entering college for the first year, there’s an excessive number of consumer electronic possibilities that are suddenly on the table. The laptop, cellular phone, or tablet that might have been adequate for high school needs may need an upgrade to a new model. This also includes many accessories, from printers for all those upcoming papers to recharge cables to headphones and others.
Then there are recreational considerations, such as no longer having access to the family sound system or television. Even the household computer or video game console may no longer be as accessible as it once was, especially for students moving away.

There are also health considerations, as some college students take their health seriously, with fitness electronics and even personal lifestyle electronics like kettles for the dorm or microwave ovens becoming essential for newly independent lifestyles.

For many young Americans, college is often the first time they move away from home and live independently. This in itself is a significant change, and it also means the comforts of home they took for granted are now things they will have to supply for themselves. As first-timers to living independently, this also means a vast swath of potential products and services are now open.

For properties located in heavily populated student areas, such as notable colleges, student rentals are always a profitable and reliable way to rent. Marketing to students looking for rental properties, or in some cases, the affluent parents who will be financing these moves, can be an efficient way to attain stable rent.
Of course, other residential considerations are also a priority, such as the need for furnishing in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, along with the supplies that go with these rooms like toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, shampoo, soap or body wash, and many, many more.

Financial Services
College tuition has risen, as have many other expenses due to inflation. It’s no longer sufficient in most cases for students to pay off four years of college education with seasonal, part-time summer jobs alone. As a result of the demanding costs, loans have become a standard part of college student life.

This has opened up the doors for many financial services, including the offering of loans themselves, debt management services, and of course, the proliferation of other means of debt spending and management such as credit cards. Many financial organizations can benefit themselves and first-year college students by reaching out and establishing meaningful relationships. This can lead to better control of finances and debt, providing necessary guidance and life skills as the student progress.

Many students don’t just jump into college straight away, and even if they do, part of their growth experience is seeing more of their country and the rest of the world. Travel, which had previously been the domain of parents, now becomes a possibility and an essential component of personal development for first-year college students, who once may have only gone on major trips with family.

Now, with growing independence and perhaps even financial support from jobs or family, many high school graduates consider going on their first trips but will be looking for experience relevant to their demographic and age group. Travel destinations and services that can appeal to students and student budgets do well during this crucial time when graduates are actively interested in travel and more receptive to travel-based marketing, whether that is for domestic journeys or international ones. This also complements travel-related industries, such as hotels, food and beverage, and many others.

Online Education
The pandemic has already shown the value of online education. Still, even after everything has settled down, online education and remote learning opportunities will continue to be necessary, especially for students. In some cases, traveling to a physical campus to attend desired classes may not be feasible, even with all the proper academic or technical qualifications met.

Online education, however, provides students with the ability to get the education they need even if there are travel limitations to consider. In some cases, online education may replace traditional full-time education. In other instances, online education may supplement an existing, providing additional learning in a tangential or secondary interest while still pursuing a specific degree or technical certification. Regardless of the goal, online education is essential in modern education. Students have shown a high degree of interest and receptivity to learning more about it and attending those relevant courses.

Of course, students will require various supplies based on the type of studies they focus on and the majors they ultimately declare. Unsurprisingly this covers a vast range of potential reserves. In the arts, music students, for example, will require the expected supplies based on choices of the instrument, such as guitar picks and strings. Art students will need a wide variety of art supplies such as oil paints, acrylics, canvas, and even sculpting clay, once again, based on the study area.
Even students in more traditional academic fields such as law or medicine will still require student supplies beyond laptops. Some still favor classic notebooks and pens for notetaking rather than digital devices. Others may require access to software relevant to students, such as word processors or note-taking software, and of course, students will need bags or cases to carry these supplies in.

Students Comprise A Huge Demographic Range
With students graduating from different schools all across America, there are millions of potential marketing leads to utilizing, but only for those that have access to these databases. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is strategically positioned with annual listings updated every year to reflect the current crop of graduates and potential new college students that may be about to embark on their first year.

These databases are up to date with the current schoolyear, always reflecting a crop of new graduates, with over three million contacts in the database. The contacts are procured ethically through various voluntary, legal means such as public records, surveys, newsletters, and other means that require consent to ensure that businesses get relevant, legal information for use in their marketing.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has contacts available for every geographic need. The details are whether a business is approaching as many students as possible at the national level or targeting only students of one specific school in a city or town. All points in between are available, targeting students only in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States or for a single state, such as Texas or Florida.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing also makes student data available based on specific demographics, if required. So if a special offer is being made to Christian students, African-American students, or even students that belong to a particular economic category, this kind of granular detail can be made available for more precise targeting. In many cases, it’s not just the mailing addresses that may be available but also email addresses for digital marketing or even cellular phone numbers for SMS/Text message campaigns.

For clients interested in directly managing a direct mail campaign but with a lack of experience, turnkey direct mail solutions can be provided. This is a step-by-step guided process, taking clients through every stage of managing the conceptualization, design, manufacturing, and distribution of direct mail materials. However, everything is done under one roof, eliminating the need to find new vendors for each stage of the direct mail campaign.

If you’re interested in an American college student database, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. We can get you the college student lists you want. When you work with us, you’re supporting an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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