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California Beauty Insider Rochelle Chappelle Transforms the Industry with the Launch of ‘Your New Self’

Rochelle Chappelle, Owner of Healthy Hair Bar

Rochelle Chappelle, Owner of Healthy Hair Bar

Rochelle Chappelle on a Weight Loss Journey

Rochelle Chappelle on a Weight Loss Journey

We all have beauty inside of us.”
— Rochelle Chapelle

MONROVIA, CA, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2022 / -- Success has come to Rochelle Chappelle in abundance, and this “pay it forward” entrepreneur is now putting on her teaching hat to instruct clients how to be beautiful inside and out. Ms. Chappelle is the owner of the exquisite Healthy Hair Bar & Wig Salon and is now launching a new non-profit venue, Your New Self. The name speaks for itself. Rochelle invites women to go through a transformational process changing their mind, body and soul. According to this California beauty insider, “I want to share my story and the importance of loving yourself.”

This haircare phenom says the first step on the road to transformation begins with loving who you are. According to the Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report 85% of women have opted out of important life events because of the way they look. Rochelle knows that struggle all too well and through her Your New Self program she is changing lives from the inside out.

At one point in her life, Rochelle weighed over 300 pounds. She felt ostracized by a society that judged her and discriminated against her because of her size. As a celebrated stylist she often made others feel and look beautiful yet her excess weight was covering the true Rochelle. After rebounding time and going from one fad diet to the next Rochelle took a different path to wellness. In 2002, Rochelle resorted to by-pass surgery and lost over 100 pounds. Her confidence soared, and people now look at her through a more favorable lens.

Ms. Chappelle is a philanthropist at heart and now she is collaborating with local businesses and organizations to give back to the community. Through Your New Self, she purposes to give makeovers and donate clothing to disadvantaged women and veterans to prepare them for finding employment. Education and application are key factors in these sessions. Making a first impression when going for an interview is so important. What potential employers see is foundational to landing a job and new career.

In 2008, Rochelle’s mother, who is a salon owner and hair stylist, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer. According to medical experts, harsh chemicals that are found in beauty products used in salons and spas cause this disease. These unfortunate circumstances were the catalyst that influenced Rochelle to create a holistic wellness salon brand and wig boutique for hair loss, medical, or fashion needs. Relaxers and chemical products are the principal contributors to hair breakage, thinning, loss, and scalp damage.

Ms. Chappelle birthed her own hair care line, Healthy Hair Bar Hair Products These all-natural products stimulate hair growth, softens and provide nutrition for the scalp as well. The health and well-being of each valued client is foremost. Rochelle reminds her patrons, “We all have beauty inside of us. Let me help you create — Your New Self

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