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Power Motor Vehicle is integral to American life, for professional and private use. Owners of these vehicles are a critical demographic for targeted marketing.

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2022 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is here to help different companies enhance their business in various sectors. For those companies that work in the business-to-business area, business postal mailing lists for pairing up a company looking for a particular product or service from another corporate vendor.

But some businesses work with the general consumer, and for that business focus, consumer postal mailing lists are also on hand. These comprise a wide range of different categories and regions to help businesses reach the right kind of customer in the right part of the country, state or, the city they are targeting.

The Beginnings Of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was initially just an idea in the head of a disabled veteran who eventually became the founder. After putting in the effort to help make America safe, the next step was to help make America grow but assist the businesses to find the customers that wanted their product or service and bring the two together. That idea, and small start-up, has developed into a company with staff with over 50 years of combined industry experience in the marketing industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing’s initial focus was direct mail, a dominant form of marketing among traditional techniques before the era of digital marketing. These early experiences were crucial in imparting core principles of marketing that would apply to any situation, whether analog or digital. So when other companies were struggling to understand the implications of how digital platforms could be utilized for marketing purposes, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing already had the understanding and organization to make an easy transition both for themselves and the clients they served.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has consistently expanded its service range, from its initial operations area in its hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, to encompass the entire USA, including Hawaii and Alaska. It serves the North American continent, providing businesses with marketing opportunities in both Mexico and Canada. And for those wishing to enter the international arena, marketing lists are available across the Atlantic, in European Union nations like France.

The Umbrella Of Power Sport Vehicle Ownership
Powersport vehicles and powersport activities, in general, are a more specific subset of motorsports. As might be guessed from that association, the one thing both sports share is the use of a motorized vehicle. However, motorsports, such as car and motorcycle racing, typically involve high-speed activities on level, traction-friendly surfaces, like roads, to encourage higher speeds.

On the other hand, Powersports tend to put motor vehicles on uneven surfaces and sometimes forgo pavement and roads entirely. Motocross, for example, puts motorbikes on dirt tracks with hills and ramps. It is possible to jump across, is one example of how Powersports differs wildly from a traditional motorcycle race.
Other examples of Powersport vehicles include snowmobiles, All-Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs, motorized dirt bikes, and even jet skis. The one thing all these vehicles have in common is that while they may not reach the top speeds of an F1 racer, or a racing motorcycle going full-out on a paved road, they offer more freedom—and in some cases, higher risks—due to the less structured nature of these sports.

However, they also provide exciting marketing opportunities because not all Powersports are identical, creating a wide range of participants, lifestyle choices, and marketing opportunities based on interests and demographics.

Because Powersports use such different vehicles in other circumstances, the type of people attracted to Powersports covers a vast range of different demographics. That demographic range represents differing needs and interests, meaning that many products and services may be of relevance to someone that is a Power Sports enthusiast, provided it is appropriately targeted and presented to the proper enthusiast.

Snow Sports
The snowmobile is one example where the vehicle of choice in Powersports drastically affects lifestyle. Right from the start, the ideal operating conditions for a snowmobile have strict environmental considerations for enthusiasts. Snowmobiles are off-road vehicles, which means they must be transported to an area of choice for operating, but, more importantly, they require a snowy environment.

For some Powersports snowmobiling enthusiasts, this means waiting for both the right time of year and the right weather conditions if they live in a region of the world with regular snowfall. For others, however, this necessitates traveling—sometimes vast distances, to other continents—to access the right kind of environment for snowmobiling. This means transportation considerations, such as trailers for carrying the snowmobiles or logistics to travel to a snowmobile area and bring in a snowmobile as freight, are all considerations that marketing can exploit.

And of course, being a winter sport, snowmobiling also brings with it the need for winter products like clothing and the protective gear for snowmobiling such as helmets. Fuel, replacement parts, and other considerations also factor in.

Water Sports
The personal watercraft, or PWC, is more commonly known as the “jet ski,” is highly unusual in Powersports in that it not only doesn’t require level surfaces, it doesn’t require a hard surface at all. The jet ski is a powerful motor vehicle that travels at harrowing speeds on water and has its own set of unique needs.

Transporting PWC has the exact requirements as snowmobiles to transport a personally owned PWC as freight either by land or air. Enthusiasts need to wear water safety gear, such as life preservers, use a host of other products, such as sunscreen to prevent sunburn or skin cancer, and purchase fuel to keep a PWC ready to go.

Depending on the location and season, different businesses can take advantage of jet ski users’ needs and contact them directly to help them make the decisions and purchases relevant to their interests.

The all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, or “quad bike,” is a four-wheeled version of a motorcycle designed for maximum stability on the ground because it is designed to go off-road and negotiate any terrain dry, wet, flat, or steep. ATVs are recreational vehicles simply for exploration and travel or can be used in Powersports for competitive events.

As with other Powersports, specific lifestyle considerations mean ATV owners will be interested in riding clothing and safety gear. Fuel, replacement parts for ATVs, and constant maintenance due to the rugged conditions ATVs endure mean potential marketing opportunities in parts, repair, and hardware care. And because ATV activities are centered on off-the-beaten-path wilderness and terrain, travel and accommodation are also factors that different products and services can benefit from by being made available.

Lifestyle Factors
As with any hobby, passion, or interest, taking part in Powersports means embracing a specific lifestyle, and with that lifestyle comes the necessity to enhance or augment it. All businesses prosper by seeing a particular need and providing a solution that addresses it. With Powersports, those needs take on a vast range of different aspects, which gives various products and services the potential to take center stage and transact some of that business if the opportunities are seized.

This is just a matter of aligning a business’s offerings to the correct audience. The specific offerings can be as broad as:

Financial Services
One thing that is universal across all Powersports is that significant financial investment is required. ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and other vehicles are all large, complex, expensive pieces of hardware. People looking into Powersports but don’t have access to large, manageable amounts of cash-on-hand, loans, debt management, and other financial products make the lifestyle more accessible.

It’s similar for already established people, as there may be an interest in additional financial services or event management.

Every Powersport has specific needs for protective clothing. The hazardous nature of Powersports means that typical, off-the-shelf retail clothing isn’t sufficient to help blunt or deflect possible injuries. In some cases, they wouldn’t be appropriate for the kind of terrain the Powersport involves. Personal watercraft, for example, require lifejackets and wetsuits or other water-ware that wouldn’t endanger the rider with sinking should they fall off the craft. For snowmobile users, the winter climate means that appropriate winter clothing must be worn to retain body temperature and remain safe while traveling.

There is also a need for specific safety gear. ATVs, snowmobiles, and off-road motorbikes should only be used if the rider wears a helmet. In some cases, other equipment, such as safety pads, may be necessary, especially in a racing situation where tight turns or high-speed maneuvers engender a greater risk of crashes or being thrown from a vehicle.

Travel & Logistics
People who are enthusiastic about Powersports can’t take part in cities. PWCs require vast bodies of water to race and maneuver in. Snowmobiles require both the winter season and vast tracts of land. Motocross racing requires a track, while ATV racing goes out into the wilderness. This means that the equipment must be transported, and in some cases, accommodations have to be considered for the people who are taking part.

Industries related to travel, hospitality, accommodation, and even food and beverage benefit from reaching out to Powersports enthusiasts and ensuring they are aware that the products and services they need can get them to their chosen destination or will be available for them there they arrive.

A Large Spectrum Of Different Demographics
The pool of active Powersports participants cuts a significant swathe across different walks of life and demographics all across America, which can mean reaching out to them individually, while possible, may be a daunting task without the right resources. However, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has comprehensive lists for every interest, including Powersport vehicle owners, for those interested in contacting this market segment.

These lists are compiled and maintained both ethically and professionally, acquired from voluntary, consented sources such as surveys, newsletter requests, events, and other collating methods that are legal, professional, and effective. The data is meticulously organized but is also frequently verified to maintain currency and relevance, ensuring contacts are still alive and at the addresses given to ensure usefulness to the clients.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has Powersport vehicle owners lists that meet the needs of every geographic target a client has. Whether it is contacting the Powersport enthusiasts of a specific urban center, like Los Angeles, or a wide-ranging marketing campaign designed to hit every Powersport vehicle owner in the New England region, the database offers contact details at the municipal, regional, state, and national levels.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing also categorizes its Powersport vehicle owners lists based on distinct demographic metrics. Suppose a client wants to reach out to a specific faith, such as the Christian community of Powersports vehicle owners or wishes to reach more at the beginner level, under 25. In that case, it’s possible to get these kinds of breakdowns at the economic, ethnic, and age bracket desired. And these contact details address different needs, from physical addresses to email addresses or even cellular phone numbers for text/SMS messaging efforts.

If clients want to manage their direct mail campaign but lack the experience, turnkey direct mail solutions are available. This is a guided experience through the entire process, providing all the services required at the design, manufacturing, and distribution stage without the necessity to secure additional services from third-party vendors. All guidance and partners are provided in a one-stop shop.

If you’re interested in reaching out to the Powersport vehicle owners throughout the United States, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. We can get you the Powersport vehicle owner lists you need in the preferred format. When you work with us, you’re supporting an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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