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Robert Waz shares his experience on The HomeBuyers Hour.

Robert Waz

Rober Waz is a Partner of Exterplexy Real Estate & Management.

The HomeBuyers Hour

The HomeBuyers Hour on AM820

Home Inspector shares his best way to coach clients through the home buying process.

Make no mistake about it: Robert is a good man and he cares about people.”
— Charles Bellefontaine
CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 14, 2022 / -- Robert Waz is a real estate agent who made a business decision to put his clients interests first. Other real estate agents make the same claim, but he goes a step above most. He chooses his referrals very carefully. His home inspection company, Chicagoland Home Inspectors has 1,200 5 Star ratings combined on all the social media sites. They are known for making a long list. Robert shares his methods of preparing the clients up front so they know what will happen, and are prepared, for the process. Now they can make an educated decision. One of the items is the preparation for the loan process. He makes sure his clients understand that these process usually don't go perfect the first time. When additional information is needed from the loan originator, they need to act quickly. Otherwise his clients may go to the bottom of the pile. He also makes a comment about finding those mortgage brokers who check for everything needed before the paperwork goes to underwriting.

He spoke highly of Dave Ingle of Chicagoland Home Inspectors who just plain makes a long list. There are some agents who cringe when they see these long home inspection report, but not Robert. He enjoys taking the time to go through each item and deciding what is important and figuring out what his client is willing to accept or not. Then he talks about the market and the power his client(s) may, or may not, have. For example; the real estate market in Chicago was super busy in the summer months of 2021. Many agents were telling their clients to forgo the home inspection to make their offer more appealing. Robert kept advising his clients not to do that. They would put in an "as is" offer, because they knew there were many other buyers who were willing to buy anything, for any amount, and in any condition. By having the inspection, his clients were still able to make that educated decision. They weren't able to negotiate for any repairs, but they were able to decide if they were going to move forward with the purchase or find a another home. He talked about one house in particular. This was a unique, high end home. It was situated in a very woody, and secluded, area in the north suburbs. This house was designed with many large expensive windows. It felt like you were outside when you were actually inside enjoying the view. But many of those windows were in pretty poor shape. They needed to be replaced. Windows are not cheap. Especially these window because they were all custom sizes. The clients loved the home and Robert read the market. He was able to get a compromise for a good portion of the replacement costs for his clients. Are people going to get negotiation 100% in their favor; No. His clients were reasonable because he prepared them. He explained in great detail what was going to happen, and how to get to a winning agreement. He cares, he explains, and most of all, he listens. "Robert is a good man and cares about people." Say Charles Bellefontaine His investments in more depressed sections of the Chicagoland area just goes to show you how he wants to improve the quality of other peoples lives and other neighborhoods.

Robert Waz is a Partner of Exterplexy Real Estate & Management. They are a full-service real estate brokerage firm, specializing in both residential and commercial transactions, including property management and development.This interview is aired on WCPT AM820 on Saturday, January 12th, 2022. The podcast version will be hosted on WCPT SoundCloud Page

“Make no mistake about it: many real estate professionals make the claim that they are doing everything for their clients. That is not quite 100% true” said Charles Bellefontaine of The HomeBuyer’s Hour who conducted the interview. With all humans, there are good and bad. Agents who feel they have the right to tell the home inspector what they should, and should not, put in the report. Every time the agent heard something negative, the agent actually stated you are not allowed to put that in the report. It went in the report, as did everything else that presented itself. He recalls one agent actually poked him in the chest and told him that he is only allowed to put health and safety items in the report. He didn't let that influence him or his inspection. Although we do want to have business partnerships with professional real estate agents, we do not want to be associated with unethical behaviors such as agents who feel they have control over the inspection. Robert Waz is NOT that type of agent. If you listen to the radio show on AM820, you will hear the sincerity in Robert's voice. He is a true, passionate, client advocate.

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The HomeBuyer's Hour Interview with Robert Waz