Scientologist from Europe empowered Uganda's people with sustainable tools

Jan Maarten and Scientology Volunteers in Uganda

Jan Maarten and Volunteers in Uganda

It started in Jinja, a town in Uganda, placed where the River Nile begins. It is also where priest Mr. Samuel came across Scientology on the Internet.

JINJA, JINJA, UGANDA, January 13, 2022 / -- It started in Jinja, a town in Uganda, placed where the River Nile begins. It is also where priest Mr Samuel came across Scientology on the Internet while searching for solutions to help his people. He contacted the Churches of Scientology for Europe, located in Brussels just a walk away from the European Parliament, asking for information and for assistance to create a group.

Since there are 19 free online courses that present an array of practical tools for everyday living, Samuel did them all, supervised by a special team at the international headquarters of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) in Los Angeles.

Jan Maarten, a Dutch brave Scientologist who is passionate about helping people, heard about the story and since he always had the ambition to volunteer in Africa, he coordinated to have the support from staff and parishioners of the Churches in Holland and Belgium, who were very generous to help Jan Maarten prepare his trip and the funds needed to take L. Ron Hubbard books and materials with him to Uganda. “It felt very special to go to Uganda, knowing that these would be the first Scientology books for this part of the world!” explained Jan Maarten.

Samuel and his 15 people team warmly received Jan Maarten in Uganda on December 8, 2021, and upon arrival, Mr Samuel laid the schedule for the coming period: three weeks of 7 days a week, of which 13 days of training. A super tight schedule, that was filled with appointments and training every day from morning to evening. Jan Maarten supervised it and provided them with tools that would empower each one of them to have a more resilient life and be able to help others.

All in all, after intensive training for the whole group and others, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Uganda started to help different people and villages as well as Police and Fire Department.

“It makes a whole difference when you arrive in a village and instead of providing perishable goods, you empower them with a technology that they will be able to use forever to improve everyone’s lives, and which can be taught to others to continue doing the same. This approach to the “help” really creates a sustainable resilience, so that they can prosper without having to depend on others” said Ivan Arjona, representative to the EU institutions and UN for the Church of Scientology.

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