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Republican & hopeful State House rep., Jake Hoffman, is Hillsborough County’s Largest Non-Incumbent Fundraiser of 2021

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 / -- Jake Hoffman, serial entrepreneur and the president of Tampa Bay Young Republicans (TBYR) outraised all other non-incumbents in Hillsborough County campaigns last year, despite only being declared for the last three months of 2020.

Jake has made a name for himself in conservative circles over the past few years in the Tampa Bay region as someone who isn't afraid to take on the local Democratic majority in his county. He emerges as the clear front-runner in what could be a competitive Republican State House primary in Hillsborough County as he sits on a war chest of nearly $70,000 between his campaign and affiliated political committee. Additionally, his kickoff event host committee featured over 40 former and current elected officials in the region who one would assume would aid in his upcoming fundraising efforts as the political cycle ramps up.

He is a young community leader and businessman who co-founded Invasion Digital Media, a company that focuses on helping professional athletes develop and boost revenue streams through E-commerce. Besides taking care of the business, he is also known to be actively involved in his community through various organizations both political and apolitical.

Jake's major concern for this election is the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which he claims is the spark that ignited him to run for State House.

"Our government officials have no clue what they are doing. When they decided to shut down cities and businesses, I started to ask our elected officials tough questions, Hoffman recalls, and to this day, they still can't tell you what factors or statistics they're looking for to go back to normal. I'm running because I want to bring common sense to a government that's aimless and drunk with power."

The pandemic has been handled differently in every country and Jake believes that the best intervention is minimal government intervention.

"If you look at the actual science of the public policies we've put into place, you can clearly see there hasn't been a country in the world that has been able to eliminate or even mitigate the virus, and we've known this for well over a year. The only thing these governments have control of is the media. State and local politicians are taking their notes from the Biden Administration which loves to whisper sweet nothings in the ear of the American people while fumbling every public health decision possible," Hoffman says.

Jake's passion for politics and his dedication to young conservative causes have earned him the support of many of his peers in his area, but also across the United States. "It feels great to have so much support being given to me by young conservatives," he said. "Young Republicans are the only demographic that give me hope in the future of the country because we can't count on weak establishment Republicans to save us, and we absolutely can't allow the wildly socialist younger Democrats of American to drive our country into the ground. Your average, non-political American totally underestimates how radical the Democratic Party has become behind the scenes."

In 2020, he led Tampa Bay YR's to be recognized as the Best Young Republicans Club in the United States. Apart from that, he and his fiancé started a political podcast called "Moderately Outraged." As a co-host of the said show, Jake discusses political issues and injustices he sees on a weekly basis.

"There's honestly something new to get outraged about every week. People keep telling me to focus on a few key issues for my race and I will, but every day I wake up to another ridiculous news headline at the local, state, or federal level, so my advice to voters is to elect people who aren't afraid to take strong, vocal stances on every issue and avoid supporting politicians who refuse to go on record or give you the runaround, because if they don't, you know they won't have the personality to stand up in crunch time," Hoffman believes.

If elected, Hoffman plans on being an advocate for commonsense policies and will try to strengthen individual freedoms in the State of Florida.

Jake says that "Florida is one of the leaders in the world on appropriate pandemic response through the last two years and we have Governor DeSantis to thank for that, but he will only be Governor for a few more years, so we need to elect leaders to the State House and State Senate that will continue his legacy well past his term limits and resist getting complacent."

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