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Potential Interest Rate Hike Justifies Acting Fast To Secure Mortgages, Top Advisor Jayce Herbert Says

The Finance of America team in Denver helps aspiring homeowners buy their dream home.

/EIN News/ -- Englewood, CO, Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Denver real estate professionals are anticipating that 2022 will continue the rise in demand for properties from last year, but paired with a potential interest rate hike -- and that’s spurring one top local mortgage advisor to warn buyers need to act fast on loans while rates are still low.

This year will see a “competitive” housing market for would-be homeowners, says a recent Denver Post article, but inflation and the possibility of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, create a fresh dynamic compared to 2021.

Even if interest rates inch up slightly, that could make mortgages more expensive and put dream homes out of reach for some aspiring owners. That’s why Jayce Herbert, a mortgage advisor with Finance of America Mortgage, says acting quickly is crucial when buying property this year.

“By creating a concrete plan and borrowing money as soon as possible, you can avoid the worst of the rising interest rates and begin building your wealth and property value sooner,” says Herbert, who works with clients to lock down competitive mortgages ahead of rate increases.

With almost six years of experience in the property industry and previous work as a credit specialist, Herbert is able to spot trends in interest rates, whether they’re decreasing or increasing, in advance so that clients get more affordable loans. By contrast, people who wait until interest rate rises are formally announced suffer from mortgages with costlier terms.

Herbert’s one-off skillset not only teaches buyers in the Denver Metro area all of the steps that they need to strengthen their credit and access otherwise unattainable loans, but also gives them the dedicated support they need to actually get those mortgages.

As part of that direct assistance to clients, he will spend as much time as needed to explain every aspect of the homebuying and mortgage process. “To most people, the world of finance and real estate can seem endlessly confusing. Property is expensive, the rules of attaining and maintaining a home are convoluted, and value and equity are terms that non-realtors only vaguely understand,” he says. “Although this can all be daunting, there are always people like me in the industry who are willing to lend a hand and volunteer their knowledge.”

Herbert’s roster of clients includes a particular emphasis on those buyers who are looking to build generational wealth and enhance their socioeconomic status through investing in real estate -- something he tells his hopeful homeowners is achievable no matter their background. “If you think this sounds impossible, you are not alone - but the truth is that it is possible to increase your wealth and socioeconomic status through the real estate you own,” he says.

“People often believe that real estate and homeownership is something that only happens when someone is already wealthy. While it is true that capital is needed to secure your property, it is not the sole deciding factor about who can commit to buying real estate,” Herbert says.

Indeed, the many people who have successfully used Herbert’s services to purchase their ideal properties with affordable loans at beneficial rates are testament to his belief that anyone can be a homeowner, and the sooner that they act, the better the financial benefit will be.

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