Next Z-Brain Event by BITCOINZ on 22 January 2022 with a new Dynamic Roadmap Presentation

The Invitation for the Z-Brain meeting on 22-Jan-22

Fundamental Use Cases of BITCOINZ

One of the project's slides describing the social media growth in the last Z-Brain

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ZBrain is the on-line conference that is organized by the BITCOINZ Community every 6 months, giving everyone the opportunity to learn about the BTCZ development

LONDON, UK, January 9, 2022 / -- 22-January-2022
Mark your calendars with this date and join the next Z-BRAIN meeting because it is among the most important ones in the history of the BITCOINZ Project. It is the very first Z-Brain event of the New Year and the one where we will see the New Version of the BITCOINZ’s Dynamic Roadmap for the 2022-2023.

What is a "Dynamic" Roadmap ?
The key difference between the BitcoinZ’s Dynamic Roadmap with the common Roadmaps is the true Community nature of the BTCZ Project. BitcoinZ by being a totally open and decentralized Project, it firstly introduced this kind of Community oriented Roadmap with the moto “You have the power” on 2018.

BITCOINZ's "Dynamic" roadmap is not a static plan that a specific team has designed and presented but an ever evolving one. The BTCZ members actively participate in the phase of its design with their very best ideas and in the phase of implementing them in the BTCZ Ecosystem with testing procedures and feedback. In some cases they even decide for the priority of each part of the Roadmap with a voting procedure. So other ideas can be postponed while others can be accelerated according to the available development power and the Community funds.

Meanwhile, with the proposal system of the BTCZ Community, new ideas and subprojects can be added in the BITCOINZ Dynamic Roadmap, as new members or developer groups are interested to join and help with the expansion of their favorite digital coin’s ecosystem. The Z-BRAIN events play a key-role for the BITCOINZ's evolution.

So what is a Z-BRAIN event?
ZBrain is the on-line conference that is organized by the BITCOINZ Community.

ZBrain meetings take place 2 times every year, one in Winter and another in Summer, in dates that are announced in the BitcoinZ Discord Channel and by all the Community’s social media profiles. Everyone is free to watch the event in Youtube and:

1. Learn about the development of the BTCZ ecosystem and the the general progress of its Dynamic Roadmap.

2. See a brief description of the recent news and the targets of the near future.

3. Interact with some of the most active members of the BITCOINZ Community in the communication channels or even through a representative who participates in the meeting.

4. Add new targets in the Project’s Dynamic Roadmap by describing ideas or presenting plans that can be implemented in the BITCOINZ ecosystem.

ZBrain acts as a spine for BITCOINZ making it the most transparent, open, Democratic and Decentralized Cryptocurrency project. In these e-meetings the community members discuss the recent advancements and the measures that need to be taken in order to address any possible shortcoming, letting their feedback and making the project even better. An announcement with a brief description of the topics that were discussed is always available after each Z Brain event and can be found in the social media platforms. Of course the whole meetings are available in the YouTube channel of BITCOINZ.

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