House Mortgage Launches, Transforming the Mortgage Industry with Its Engineering-Informed Approach to Lending

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Homeownership Made Possible by House Mortgage

The mortgage company leverages powerful engineering protocols trusted by Fortune 100 companies to eliminate mortgage industry pitfalls

BRISTOL , CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2022 / -- House Mortgage LLC (NMLS 2287982), an innovator in the mortgage industry, opened its doors for business on January 3, 2022. The company works with real estate agents looking to refer their buyers to a quality mortgage provider, directly with homebuyers looking to finance the purchase of their next home, and homeowners looking to refinance their existing mortgages. Through its innovative and engineering-informed approach to the mortgage process, House Mortgage aims to eliminate many of the costly and time-consuming challenges homebuyers and real estate agents face in the mortgage industry – while bringing innovative programs to make home ownership a reality for more people.

House Mortgage LLC structures a more accurate and streamlined process driven by Fortune 100 manufacturing and logistics best practices that ensure buyers are correctly qualified from the beginning while bringing simplicity to the mortgage industry’s very complex activity system within the mortgage process.

“The new year is a time for new beginnings. And the launch of House Mortgage marks the launch of a new beginning in the mortgage industry,” said Mike House, President of House Mortgage. “Our approach helps solve a costly, frustrating, and time-consuming set of problems real estate agents and home buyers have faced for decades.”

To get keys in the hands of more homeowners, House Mortgage's leadership knew they had to take a different approach from the industry norms. Mortgage lenders and brokers often incorrectly pre-approve prospective homebuyers or make errors processing applicants' paperwork, leading to delays and financial losses.

Fueled by the desire to change these norms, House Mortgage looked to how Fortune 100 companies handle their logistics and manufacturing processes. The result of the team’s research was formulating a faster and more accurate mortgage process that can save prospective borrowers time, money, and stress.

House Mortgage’s leadership developed two foundational methodologies to transform the mortgage process: Quadrant Processing and The Rule of 1. Through Quadrant Processing, the House Mortgage team is geared toward operational excellence, convenience, and communication. With The Rule of 1, each stakeholder, decision, and touchpoint are given the utmost attention - increasing efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

"Through our innovative process, programs and services, House Mortgage differentiates ourselves from industry competitors by giving our clients a better path to homeownership," said James Mangini, House Mortgage Chief Marketing Officer. “These innovations mean superior value and service for both our borrowers and real estate agents we serve - so everyone can achieve their goals."

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